Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health

Dobermann from Germany's finest working (Schutzhund/Police) lines

Blitzkrieger "N" Litter
This combination by frozen semen
7 Puppies born August 18, 2005

                                                                             Akim v. Vaciweba, SchH 3, Ang. (zva) HD1 
                                                Boris v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3,Ang.(zva) HD 1 
                                                                            Alfa v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, HD1 
                         Gero v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH,  Ang. (zva), HD1 
                                                                            Bingo v. Ellendonk, D.V. Lstsg, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                                              Anouk v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva), HD1
                                                                            Cona v. Neiderkassel, SchH 3, HD1 
       Dax vom Blitzkrieger (exported to Australia)
                                                                             Asko v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Hd1
                                          *Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH 3, FH,  Ang. (zva) 2X Vice D.V. Lstsg, HD1
                                                                             Cora v.d. Mooreiche, SchH 3,Ang.(zva)FH, HD1 
                        Allee vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1, OFA excellent
                                                                             Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Ang.(zva)FH, Hd1
                                          Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH 1, ZTP V1A, HD1 
                                                                              Dunja v.WorringerBruch, SchH3, Ang.(zva),FH, Hd1
"N" Litter v.Blitzkrieger
                                                                              Boris v.d. Weyermuhle,SchH3,FH,Ang.(zva)
                                              Ijanko v.d. Klingenstadt 
                                                                              Cleo v.d. Klingenstadt, SchH3 (or... A LITTER WEYERMUHLE)
                      Erik v.Strundertal , IDC Lstsg.(2000&2001),SchH.3, Hd1
                                                                              Ali v.Langenhorst, Int.Ch,SchH3,FH,Ang
                                               Hexe v.d. Mooreiche,SchH3, Ang.
                                                                              Bo v.d. Mooreiche,SchH3,Ang.(zva)
    Kali v. Blitzkrieger
                                                                            *Gero v..d. Mooreiche, SchH 3, FH,  Ang. (zva) 2X Vice D.V. Lstsg, HD1
                                           Bronco v.d. Doberwache, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, HD1 (Police dog)
                                                                            Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle, IDC Lstsg(1996), SchH 3, FH, HD1 
                     Faroh vom Blitzkrieger, OFA Excellent
                                                                         *Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH 3, FH,  Ang. (zva) 2X Vice D.V. Lstsg, HD1
                                           Allee v. Blitzkrieger, SchH 1, OFA Excellent
                                                                       Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH 1, ZTP V1A, HD1 (pointed)
Dax is a very substantial male who has produced oustanding working progeny both here (Blitzkrieger "G" Litter &"J"litter) and in Australia
His drives are high with excellent nerve fiber.  Dax is OFA Good (prelim in Canada), vWD clear, full dentition.
Kali has strong, natural protection instincts, excellent working drives & hardness combined with exceptional conformation and substance. 
Kali is OFA Good, vWD carrier, full dentition.  Kali is dam to the Blitzkrieger "O" Litter.
Kali's Sire, the legendary Erik v.Strundertal, won the IDC World Schutzhund Championships in 2000 AND 2001. 
Kali's dam Faroh v. Blitzkrieger possessed a rare "geltungstrieb" which refers to a dog that never wants to lose face in any circumstance. 
In her work, she always displayed a rare combination of extraordinary fight drive, confidence and hardness.
Linebreeding:  Ellendonk   See: Blitzkrieger Breeding Program
This pedigree inbred particularly on *Gero v.d. Mooreiche.  At 2 years of age, Gero placed 2nd in the German National Schutzhund Championships.  He has sired many police and schutzhund champions (including Bronco v.d. Doberwache)
Also Note: Sire to Erik v. Strundertal is from same pedigree combination as Dax's sire, Gero v.d. Weyermuhle.
Kali & 7 Newborn pups
(5  black males, 1 black female, 1 blue female
N litter 4 wks - Feeding time
N.Litter @2wks
.Nero at 3.5 weeks with Kali
Nero 4wks Nika 4wks Over fence Nika - 4 weeks Nero/ball

4,5 & 6 Wk photos below

 Nickole with tug
Nero and Neeko 6wks
Nitro and Nickolai  6wks
Nickolai &Nureyev  with thong

Conformation Photos @ 7 Weeks of age
(Sorry - some did not pose easily & time was limitted)


More Photos of N litter in Blitzkrieger Photo Album

NICKOLAI v. Blitzkrieger, Bh, SchH3 (IPO3)
Nickolai is owned by Gerald Ho, Montreal, Canada (Cyno Sports  Schutzhund Club)
Nickolai is vWD carrier (Vetgen), full dentition
Nickolai is approx. 27.5" high and 90 lbs (at 2 years of age)
In SchH1 &2, Nick was HIT tracking (& always pronounced in bitework)

See Nick's IPO3 trial video on
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 Nickolai 7Wk 10 weeks 4 years 4 years
Nickolai v. Blitzkrieger - 7 months 
Helmut Koenig
Seminar     (Above: Back-tied)   7 months
"Make my day"

Photos below:  Nickolai1 yr.old  Schutzhund Training

Thank you to Helper :  Anthony
Thank you to Helper:  Frances Helper: Mario

Nero is owned by William Fray, Bermuda
William is Training Director & Helper at The Bermuda Working Dog Club
Nero is vWD clear (Vetgen), full dentition
Nero  passed Canine Good Citizen test at 1 yr. of age
8 Months
Nero vom Blitzkrieger - 9 Mo
  10 Months  3 years of age

Nero 10 weeks
10 weeks of age
  10 months
Starting bitework at 10 Mo. Obedience
Nero (1 year)  tracking
Nero (2 yr. of age)
Below: Nero 3 years of age  Suit Work


Nika is owned by Gordon & Lydia Schaffer, U.S.A
Nika tracks deer antlers for her owners
Nika is lovely blue bitch,  vWD clear (Vetgen), full dentition

Nika 12 weeks  Start of track  Middle of track End of track A very fast retrieve Homeward bound
Below:   Nikaat 9 months    (far right at almost 2 year)
Nika 2.5years
 Nika at 3 years


Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

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