Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health

Dobermann from Germany's finest working (Schutzhund/Police) lines

RESERVATIONS: Blitzkrieger Kennel has no future breeding plans.
It has been my great pleasure and privilege to own, work  and breed these incredible working dogs!

 Thank you to all my clients for sharing this passion with me!

This site will be maintained in honor of these doberman/lines 


The ELITE of 
working dogs

Von Blawenburg Kennel  NOV. 2017 - PUPPIES available 

Sire:  Dax vom Blitzkrieger (Dax is Gero Weyermuhle son - see webpages this site) Dax was exported to Australia and produced many outstanding working progeny.  Both of Dax parents are schutzhund titled.
Dam: Ada vom Blawenburg
Ada (shown left)  attained BH and shows excellent working drives/hardness training for IPO1 title.   Her brother Akzo v.Blawenburg,IPO3 (290-100point track).   Both of Ada's parents are schutzhund/IPO titled.  Her Sire:  Eli Jaburi, IPO1.  Her Dam:  Palma v.Blitzkrieger, SchH2  (see Palma's webpage this site for info&pictures)

1 Black and Rust MALE-$2000-(natural ears/tails) Contact Tom Mynes

DAX PROGENY - AUSTRALIA                         Quote from Von Forell Kennel website 
"Since his arrival in Australia Dax has been mated to Baron vom Blitzkrieger standout daughters and we have been very impressed with the bone, substance and especially the drives and tenacity of the pups he has sired.  The heavy linebreeding on the outstanding Weyermuhle dogs (who appear in both Dax and Baron's pedigrees) has proven to be effective in producing a quantum leap in the improvement of working temperament in this generation of pups.  Dax is a large, impressive male and we expect he will continue to make a great contribution to improving Dobermann temperaments thoughout Australia."

IPO1 titled MALE black/rust DOBERMAN 
$750 .00 U.S. to right home! 
Exceptional personal protector/pet    or      dog to work in schutzhund 
This  male comes from 100% german working lines. 
He is 5 years old, DCM negative

Contact Tom Mynes:

2014  Congratulations to Lazer v.Blitzkrieger son (& Baron v.Blitzkrieger grandson) Furio Jaburi - Police dog now certified in explosives detection - USA
2013  Congratulations John and Qaila v. Blitzkrieger - PD1 (Police Dog 1 - 95points) - USA
2013  Congratulations Tom & Palma v. Blitzkrieger, IPO 2 (HIGH IN TRIAL - Protection & Tracking!!) - USA
2013   Congratulations Tom & Palma v. Blitzkrieger, SchH1 (IPO1) - USA
2013  Quarro vom Blitzkrieger - Stud dog for Von Roth working dobermann Kennel - AUSTRALIA
2013   Sierra & Sanka vom Blitzkrieger - dam(s) - Von Roth working dobermann kennel - AUSTRALIA
2012   Congratulations Gerald & Nickolai v. Blitzkrieger, SchH3  (IPO3) - Quebec - CANADA
2012   Congratulations Haeen & Porsche (Katana) vom Blitzkrieger, Mondio Ring Brevet 97 out of 100! - USA  (see VIDEO)
2011  Congratulations Jessie & Queen Schnuppe vom Blitzkrieger Germany
2011   Congratulations Gerald & Nickolai v.Blitzkrieger, Bh, SchH2 & IPO2 High in trial tracking & pronounced in Protection (competing with GSDs)  - CANADA
2010   Congratulations Gerald & Nickolai v. Blitzkrieger, Bh, for High in trial SchH1 Tracking and pronounced in Protection (competing with GSDs) - CANADA
2010 Congratulations to Zarina's brother , Briska's Zoska, DVIN IPO3 Champion - GERMANY
2010  Blitzkrieger Kennel  WELCOMES Icaro vom Blitzkrieger daughter: Briskas Yennie,  SchH3 (99/90/96), ZtpV1A! - SWEDEN/CANADA
2010   Congratulations Peter & Orion v.Blitzkrieger for HIT Bh  & Tom & Palma v.Blitzkrieger attaining Bh at 1 year of age! - CANADA & USA
2009 Congratulations Icaro v.Blitzkrieger daughter, Briskas Yennie - IDC WORLD SCHUTZHUND CHAMPIONSHIPS/13place/ -GERMANY
2009   Lazer vom Blitzkrieger SchH3, sired Jaburi Kennel "D" litter (plus other litters in)  - USA
2009    Congratulations Baron v.Blitzkrieger's son, Akeem Jaburi SchH3 (and High in trial SchH2 - competing with GSDs) - USA
2007    Congratulations Lazer vom Blitzkrieger,  SchH3 High Protection.  SchH2 -High in trial (competing with GSDs) + High owner/handler dog! (SchH.USA trials) 
2007    Congratulations Icaro daughter - Briska's Yennie, SchH3 (High in trial - 99/84/96), ZTP V1A - dam to Briska's "C" litter - SWEDEN
2006    Congratulations Icaro v. Blitzkrieger daughter - Briska's Yennie, IPO1- 97/78/97,  IPO2  High in Trial & V1A  ZTP !!! - GERMANY
2005   Baron vom Blitzkrieger sired Jaburi Kennel "A" litter (see Akeem Jaburi above)  - USA
2004+ Congratulations Gringo vom Blitzkrieger, CD, BH, TT, WAC (& movie star) - sire to litter in CANADA
2003+  Icaro vom Blitzkrieger sired Briska Kennel "Y" litter (plus numerous other litters in) - SWEDEN
2003    Congratulations Icaro vom Blitzkrieger, Bh,Mh Gk, Hd-b (Swedish Koerung 188/200 points) - SWEDEN
2002    Congratulations Eick vom Blitzkrieger, Schutzhund USA Regional Schutzhund Ch.(competing with GSDs) + sired  litters in - USA
2002+  Congratulations Gorbachov vom Blitzkrieger, NATIONAL SHOW & WORKING CHAMPION ("    " malinoise) + sired litters in - MEXICO
2001    Congratulations  Aisin v. Blitzkrieger progeny: Andie v.Tanzenhaus SchH1 (99 & Angriff v. Tanzenhaus, SchH3,high in trial   (competijng with GSDs), -USA
2000   Congratulations Baron vom Blitzkrieger SchH2, High in trial, (competing with GSDs) 96 protection/100 tracking scores! - AUSTRALIA
2000 Congratulations Aisin vom Blitzkrieger SchH3, FH2 (SV judge) Dam of Tanzenhaus Kennel "A" and "B" Litter - USA
2000   Congratulations Bogart vom Blitzkrieger SchH3, FH2 (Highest FH2 doberman & 2nd highest scoring FH2 DOG in N. America! - SV judge USA
1999&2000  Congratulations to Brux vom Blitzkrieger - earned CKC "Top 10 Obedience dog" title -CANADA
1999+  Axel vom Blitzkrieger sired litters in - USA
1999+  Dax vom Blitzkrieger sired outstanding working litters for von Forell, von Roth & von Hellas Kennels - AUSTRALIA
1999+  Baron vom Blitzkrieger sired many outstanding working litters for von Forell,  von Roth, & von Hellas Kennels - AUSTRALIA 
1999    Congratulations Baron vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1 - High in trial (competing with GSDs) - AUSTRALIA
1998   Congratulations Bogart vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1 (100/94/92pronounced) & FH1 (98) - USA
1998   Congratulations to Aisin vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1 (99/95/88pronounced) & FH1 (96 ) - USA
1998    Congratulations to Allee & Baron vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1 pronounced in bitework -SchH. USA trials
1995 Blitzkrieger "A" litter born - 4 pups - (Chauka x Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3, Ang.(zva), FH, 2x vice DV.Lstsg.) - CANADA
1994    Congratulations Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH1 -100 point tracking score & V1A rating in ZTP under Ottmar Vogel - GERMANY
1991    Chauka vom Warringhof (Blitzkrieger Kennel foundation bitch) is born and imported & begins training - CANADA

Just a few Blitzkrieger Client References: ( from some working homes.)
Please Note: Blitzkrieger Kennel guarantees authenticity of below emails but contact information will be provided only after Blitzkrieger Kennel has accepted clients. 

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From: "Jessy" - Strundertal Kennel, Germany
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 1:45 AM Subject: Photo´s
 hi deanna,
 Here you get some new photo's.
(Queen Schnuppe)snoopy shows very well. In schutzdienst she shows a very high drive.   She is like a snapping crocodile :)
 We are very pleased with her.
 Manny greetings Jessy

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From: "Peter Bargenda"
To: "D. Anslow" <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 4:51 PM
Subject: Ryu (at 2.5 months)
Hi Deanna, its time to give you a round up of Ryu since her arrival in Toronto. As you know she was safe and sound AND hungry when I took her out of the crate and its been a whirlwind ever since.  Being an only puppy is particularly hard on a dog since she had no pals to push around. She is having good experiences with other dogs and her confidence can be seen growing when she encounters them on the street. 

She has certainly not needed to grow confidence in meeting people, and I mean of all ages 15 months to 87 years, its basically “hi, I’m Ryu, how do you like me so far”, both with people on the street and friends and family. AND when she goes into a new home she behaves as if she owns the place, strutting around from room to room. It is amazing to watch, VERY confident. 
The week after she arrived she attended (though for a few minutes-she was barely 9 weeks old) her first shutzhund seminar; we had her on the bench doing stand, sit and platz. Her very high food drive makes this learning process very quick, she is very smart and quick to please me. I think she will pick up OB very quickly.  A week after the seminar she did her first puppy track and despite the various distractions, including someone shooting a gun some distance off, she did very well; that food drive again!

Just to wrap up for now I want to thank you for this beautiful baby in my life, since I’m retired we spend every moment together, I take her everywhere and she is just a delight to watch grow into what I believe will be a very loyal and solid companion and working Dragon.
All the best
Peter and Ryu (dragon)
Members of the Capital City Shutzhund Club, Toronto, Ontario

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From: <Peter  B>  To: "Deanna Anslow" Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 7:35 AM
Subject: Ryu  (at 9 months)
Here is a pic of Ryu you may like. The original had a tree & parked cars so my graphic designer son created this photo. Feel free to use it on your website if you like. 
She seems to be a slow maturing girl and it will be a while before she fills out. She weighs about 60 pounds with good bone and substance. 

In protection her grip is FULL and calm and very hard. She targets very accurately for a young dog. Her ball catching craziness has helped with this. 
Tracking is coming along very well, her genetics coming through. 
She is quite biddable in OB and I see very little problem as she matures. 
All for now.   Best regards
Peter & Ryu
Members of the Capital City Shutzhund Club, Toronto, Ontario
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From: Gerold
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 2:42 PM
Subject: RE: a short review of Nickolai 
Hi Deanna,
Nickolai is about 5 and a half months old now, he weights about 55 lbs. So far he is a extremely high drive, endless energy, confident, happy puppy. 
He was biting the tug since he was 8 weeks old. At 3 months he pick up the dumb bell and started running around with it all by himself.

He has been to my schutzhund club and many club members's home since I got him from you. They are all GSD people. They are EXTREMELY impress with nick, they are the old members including 
one current VP of the GSSCC that have seen many puppies from working lines. They had always been skepical about the Dobermann breed especially puppies, I had been a member at this club for 10 years 
now, and I know these guys when come to judging dogs and puppies, they are always honest and cruel and definitely not diplomatic at all.
I have to tell you they really LOVE him, they are constantly facinated by him. He is rated not just good but excellent as a puppy from working line -any breed. I am really happy with him. 
The observation so far is he will be a excellent working dog but he is possibly going to be a hard dog too. Well I will have to put in extra work on obedience early.

He is in excellent health, so far he never got sick at all. Thanks for this wonderful 'MONSTER', 
I will definitely be in touch now and then to let you know how he turns out.
Regards,  Gerald and Nick Club SCHUTZHUND RIV-SUD, Montreal, Quebec
(Nickolai attained Schutzhund 3 title - his work can be viewed on

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From: Betty Olsen (past President Richmond German Shepherd Schutzhund Club)
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 11:11 PM
Subject: new title for Gringo
Hi Deanna,
Gringo earned his W.A.C. (working aptitude certificate) on Sunday, July 10th, with high scores throughout.  He is now Gringo v. Blitzkrieger, CD, BH, TT, WAC
I will be trying to complete his last leg on his CDX this fall. He is doing well, and is still his normal, healthy, pushy self.
Hope you are well and doing OK.
Talk to you soon,    Betty 

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To: <>
Date: October 22, 1999 11:23 AM
Subject: [sport-dobermann] Re: intro
>> I've been hearing so much good stuff about Deanna's "G" litter. What combo is that? Tina Rondero
>Hi Tina,>
That litter was unbelievable to me!!  I had the horrible position(?!?!?!) of having to pick first out of the males. Since this was my first working pup, I decided to "go by the book" and perform most of the puppy tests.   We took a friend of ours who breeds Malinois and trains in FR with us and let me tell you - he worked those pups hard!!  We first went over when they were 6 1/2 weeks old. 
First the LOUD gun shot - nobody cared about that, so onto the others.
They all took the rag and we had a milk jug with rocks in it swinging over them, banging beside them, rolling past them.  A bamboo stick swinging & banging the ground!!!  Scary strangers!! 
Strange places!!! was really hard to choose. 
It sure was something to see Gero at 6 1/2 weeks (yes he made our short list then too) clamp down on "his" rag with a bottle of rocks flying over his head!!  No blinking, no stress.
We went back the next week did the tests again and somehow (?!?!) there were two (mauve collar and yellow collar) 7 1/2 week old puppies left on the lawn.  Both retrieved the tennis ball, both were  very loving and social, so how to choose between two equally gifted puppies???? Close your eyes and eenie, meenie, miney, moe!!   Gero (mauve) caught the ferry to the island with us and Betty snatched up Gringo (yellow)!!!
Now...if only I can convince Deanna to let me have Dax (father)too???        Cynthia, member of Schutzhund Club, Vancouver Island & working dog Breeder 
Monday 03/31/2008 6:59:50am 
Well way down in your guestbook is my original entry saying I want a Blizkrieger Dobermann and now I have one!
He is well worth the wait.
Orion is a wonderful puppy with a super temperment that just doesn't quit. 
He is curious, forward and charming in his puppy ways: a special dog.
Thanks Deanna
Peter, Cathie & Orion vom Blitzkrieger
York Region Schutzhund Club, Toronto

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From: Bargenda
To: Deanna Anslow 
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2008 6:45 PM
Subject: Orion
Hi Deanna, 
Orion and I had our third club tracking session today and once again he showed extraordinary focus in his task (he only looked up once as a track was being laid near him.) The first session we did a circle and he worked that very well so the second and third sessions were “lazy esses.” Our tracking mentor sees him as a “natural” on the track so we are advancing to esses with a straight section next week. 
The only problem he has in tracking is breaking and playing at the end of the track; he wants to continue and keeps his nose to the ground back to the car, I’m sure that is a problem more people would like to have; not too bad for a dog before his 13th week birthday.
At our club training we also continue to “play rag”, do recalls and carries. At home he retrieves balls, is learning “sitz” and “platz” which he does do about 80% of time on first command with food as the reward. He has huge prey drive as well as food drive so teaching is easier than it might be.
We take him to outdoor malls, playgrounds and walks on the street for socialization; he really enjoys meeting people and is very friendly and forward (hi I’m Orion, how do you like me so far?) If he is in a new situation he will stop, pause, I think assess and then move forward; he is very confident!
At home he is a little devil, getting into anything and everything just like any other baby. Except…when he hears strange noises he advances to the door barking and on several occasions he has bristled.   It’s actually pretty funny to see, O Dawg, guard boy.
I have attached some tracking and tug work pictures for you.
Peter  York Region Schutzhund Club, Toronto

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From: "User 
To: <Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 12:52 PM
Subject: Re:Georg-Max-Blitzkrieger
Hello,   I would be very happy to endorse Deanna's dogs; they are healthy, incredibly confident and very intelligent. 
I have two of her dogs and both are quite the characters. My male (about 3 and a bit) is bold and dominant; people at the Schutzhund club were very impressed and they are Shepherd lovers. 
I regrettably did not have the time to title in schutzhund with him. 
My latest addition is about 7 months old and is the perfect dog.  Again, confident, smart and unbelievably happy and affectionate.  She turns absolutely everything into a toy.  Max is very high drive and needs a lot of exercise; she is calmer, but that is a relative situation, believe me. 
On Hallowe'en while the neighbourhood dogs were panicking these two just continued to play.  Plenty of fireworks this year.
Anyway, i do go on about these dogs; so let me know if you have any specific questions. 
I should add, that the people at the Schutzhund club here (Lower Mainland) commented that in their opinion, Deanna has the best (schutzhund) dobermans in the country!. 
Richmond Schutzhund Club


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From: ROD To: Deanna Anslow 
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:39 AM
Subject: Puppy Reservation
Hi Deanna,
Could make a reservation for a female puppy? Could we do a contract the same as Quarro's, I can send a deposit asap. I would hate to miss out, as I know they will be all sold by next year.
In this day and age I think it would be hard for anyone to match what you are doing for the Dobermann breed. As you have said it is hard to find good working Dobermann's anywhere in the world but you have cracked that combination. I also know it dose not just happen by chance, its a lot of hard work. That's why I would like to buy a puppy off you again because you have the best blood lines I would say in the world.
Quarro is everything I wanted in a Dobermann and more!  He is like the early ones I have read about (I love him very much). 
I would like something to go on with later on, to put him to something equal. It would be a shame to dilute his blood. As a whole, I think the breed has lost so much over the years, once you lose good lines you can't get them back. My ancestors come from Germany, I feel its part of me, that's why I am so passionate about it and want to protect it. I am 100% committed to mans best friend. 
Regards, Rod Helmers 

Tuesday 10/03/2000 9:34:35am
From:: Von Forell Kennel, Australia
Hello Deanna, 
All of us here at Von Forell hope that Baron’s recent success on the field, and the quality offspring that he’s sired in Australia, gives you reason to be very proud of your breeding program. 
Just as we have, you’ve also travelled the world searching out the premier working bloodlines. 
Whilst it’s very satisfying when the all that effort pays off with results on the Schutzhund field,
I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s even more satisfying when the quality replicates itself in the whelping room. 
All the best with your upcoming litters. 
We look forward to sending you more good news in the future regarding Dax’s contribution to working Dobermanns “down under”.
Von Forell Kennels     Australia   &
Von Ross Kennels, Australia

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Kris Kotsopoulos 
Sent: Saturday, December 22, 2001 7:19 AM
Subject: Re: Blitzkrieger Doberman
Hi , 
I guess you need reassurance that Deanna is the right person, well here it is. 
I personally would not deal with many other Doberman people. 
Deanna is honest, straight, what you see is what you get. 
Her dogs are among the best bred Dobermans in the world and are stable, substantial and highly driven.
These are the dogs that can be utilised for all types of work. Police, Family companions, Law enforcement and so on. 
So I would grab a puppy from her in a flash that is if you could get one.
All my Best, Kris  Von Forell Kennels     Australia

----- Original Message ----- 
From: ROD To: Deanna Anslow 
Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2011 1:51 AM
Hi Deanna,
One word to sum up Quarro is "AWESOME". I am very happy with him, he has got a super temperament, a grip like a alligator and very confident. Well worth the wait, thank you so much.
Rod  trainer in Australia


-----Original Message-----
From: Graciela 
To: Deanna Anslow <>
Date: November 17, 1999 10:17 PM
Subject: Gorby !!!!
Hello Deanna, 
Sorry for not answer before., but we have a lot of work in the past days !!! 
We are so happy with Gorby., he si so good !!! his temperament is really good., he is so intelligent and his character is great !!! 
he is not affraid to nothing...., yesterday we took him in a place with about 1000 lambs togethers !!! imagine that !!! and he was playing with them!!!., bother them!!!, biting them!!!., this is a big text to let us
know the temperament., sometimes adult dogs were affraid and he was not !!!!........

We have a big surprise for you., we took some pictures of him bitting and we are going to send it to you for your page !!! 
Deanna, we want to tell you that all the people who met "Gorby" is so happy with him., they are surprised about the temperament.  He is so nice...
Thank you for everything and we´ll write you soon.   Graciela & Gil    Von Garval Kennel,  Mexico 

-----Original Message-----
From: Graciela & Gil <>   To: Deanna Anslow <>
Date: June 28, 2002 9:19 PM  Subject: Hello !!!
Dear Deanna,
How are you ??? how's everything there ??? a long time no contact with you....
Let me tell you that Gorby is still giving us good news...., two months ago we took him to another state to a competition and in two days he was the best dog in the trial....also we have a Championship by states in all Mexico and Gorby is right now clasified by our state "Jalisco" and we are going to go to Mexico, City for the National., he is the only Dobermann in Jalisco., almost all of them are Malinois !!!.

Let me tell you that PP is a trial of 100 points and he has an av. of  98/100., this two lost points is in obedience routine....

He is very very secure., he always lost the two point ( sometimes he has 99 or 100 ) in obedience., in attack he is perfect..., we are working in this two points... so we are let you know....
Gorby is right know PP2., but the Championship is in level one..., we decide to let it him to work in it., because in National and then continue in the secuent level.... he is very strong and secure., he is 
40 kilos and in two trials he trow the helper and when is time to "out" he did it inmediatelly!!!!
Well., this is all for now.... best wishes ..Graciela & Gil,  Von Garval Kennel, Mexico

----- Original Message ----- From: Graciela & Gil <>   To: Deanna Anslow <> 
Sent: October 3, 2002 9:42 PM        Subject: Excellent News about Gorby !!!
Hi Deanna, 
About Gorby, this last weekend he won the Championship of our state ( Jalisco ) in PP1, all races., this Championship is in all the trial of the year !!!! 
he is going to represent Jalisco at the National Championship in Mexico, City....,  we are going to send you a photo to put on 
your WEB !!! ( very nice throphy !!! )
Keep in contact !!!    Graciela & Gil, Von Garval Kennel,   Mexico
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From: guillermo
To: Deanna Anslow
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 9:40 AM
Subject: ZTP   (Malinche vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1)



Susan & Greg Smith / Tanzenhaus Kennel, Illinois
Owners of  2  Blitzkrieger Dobermann: 
Accomplishments: (under SV judges):
Aisin vom Blitzkrieger, Tanzenhaus Kennel foundation bitch (Dam to A & B Litter v. Tanzenhaus)
SchH3 - High in trials (under SV judge) + always pronounced in bitework
TRACKING:  Always V rated - SchH1=99, SchH2=97 & SchH3=97!!! + FH=96 +  FH2 !
Bogart vom Blitzkrieger,
SchH3.  "High in Trial" in his SchH1 & SchH2 (under SV judge) - always pronounced in bitework 
TRACKING:  SchH1=100,  SchH2=97,  SchH3=94 + FH=98, + FH2=98 
Highest scoring FH2 dobermann in North America 
AND 2nd highest scoring FH2 DOG (any breed) in North America.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Phyllis McNaughton      To: Blitzkrieger 
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 3:57 PM
Subject: Eich
As you know, I purchased Eichas a young adult! When he arrived I was in awe. The most regal doberman I have ever seen, No hint of fear in those intelligent eyes, even when being maneuvered around the airport at six feet above ground. He just sat in that crate looking out, ears up, alert.
That never changed. 
He had a lovely head, good bite, long arched neck, good tailset, but above all, EICH had CHARACTER.
He never lied. Not aggressive without reason, never shy. Extremely intelligent and eager to please, which he passed on to his puppies.  He had a sense of humor, yet he was demanding. IF he was hungry, he did not stop barking until you fed him. It started out as a low pitch bark and would continue until he got what he wanted.   He would on occasion test you, and if you let him get away with whatever it was he was doing, YOU were done for.  He was my constant companion and always knew when he should be alert, and when he should just behave.  Loved the car, loved to work. 
TOO smart for me.  He had to be tricked into passing his final leg for a CDX. I took him into open B where they change the order of the routine. He had never done this before, so when I put him in front of the broad jump first thing, he looked at me like I was crazy. But, I told him to jump and he did.  He was always trying to figure out a way to get to the retrieve faster, because he LOVED to jump and retrieve. Well, that trick slowed him down enough to get the final leg. He would jump up and grab the dumbell from the ring steward when we were exiting the ring and try and get me to throw it over th jump again! 
Got lots of laughs from the crowd on those days. 
He had the perfect temperament for me.  He was never aggressive unless the occasion called for it. He would not tolerate dogs in HIS yard, but in public he ignored them all.   My constant companion, he made friends wherever he went.

He was loyal,  fearless , a tiger on the Sch. field, a pussycat off.   My constant companion He was always alert, but would "ask" if he should take care of the situation before doing so.(in public)
He passed on this attitude to his kids as well. They are super smart, communicative and willing to work or play. I call them "gluesticks".   All his puppies have tons of prey drive, play drive and food drive.
Long necks and good toplines with balanced heads and dark eyes, good bites as well. Nice tight feet and great toplines and tail sets on most.
If he had a fault it was  that he was "too smart". Or, I was just not smart enough. He taught me a lot.
As you can tell, temperament combined with intelligence is the most important thing to me.  EIch had it all.
He died at 10 years 4 months from cancer,  He lived long enough to get his longevity cert. from DPCA and his UVC from UDC. I just wish I could have had him longer. 

Phyllis McNaughton /Kalua Kennel, USA
Certified Trainer
Kaluas Deino, CDX,DCD,BH,TT,CGC 
Kaluas Electra,CD,WAC,CGC , TT
Kaluas Fire n Ice, CDX,BH,TT,CGC 
Kaluas Keeper of the Flame(JI)Nov 6, 2005-June 27,2007 
Salmans Eich V. Blitzkreiger, Can.CD,AKC CDX,Sch III,CGC, Can. TT.UVC (now at rainbow bridge} 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: tklonis
To: Deanna Anslow 
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 8:20 AM
Subject: Re: O litter
Omarosais great. She is a mini tornado. Very high prey and nice bite on the dish towel. She is retrieving very well. 
When confronted with a new situation she is hesitant for an instant and than jumps right in. She is quite the escape artist.       Monday I watched her climb up and over a baby gate. 
I absolutely love her!
Hegins Valley Police & Schutzhund Club, PA, USA
To: "Deanna Anslow" <>
Sent: Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:16 PM 
Subject: Katana  (Prada)  with Fernando Dosta 
Hi Deanna- As promised, here are a few pictures of Katana We get  compliments on her all the time - how gorgeous she is and the nice,  dark-chocolate colored coat. She's a confident, sassy girl - just 
what we  wanted. We love her!!! 
Recently, we worked her with one of ringsport's best  decoy, Fernando Dosta. He was able to keep her in drive for 5 minutess and  after the evaluation he said, "I really like her". He said many dobes he works with at this age (12 weeks!) stop biting after a few times, but Katana kept going!!  We will be attending a few more seminars 
and will update you on her progress. 
Thank you so much for selecting the "perfect package" for us :-) 
Best Regards,
Haeen Thach & Craig Sykora

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Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:48 PM 
Subject: Re: Fw: Draco (Perseus)
Hi Deanna,
The vet says he is a VERY healthy, happy puppy with a great temperament.  Even asked if I was going to show him cause he said he was a gorgeous dobermann pup:)  Everyone was all over him.  All the 
techs fell in love with him.  He really is a huge joy in my life already.
I've never owned a pup before that didn't seem to be afraid of anything.  Loud noises don't bother him and in fact I haven't found anything that does bother him. 
Thanks again for him Deanna.  He is just an awesome boy:) 
Linda/Willamette Valley Schutzhund club, OR,USA
(Unfortunately due to health problems, Linda was forced to quit schutzhund and sell Perseus.)

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To: Deanna Anslow
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 11:44 AM
Subject: Quasar
Hello Deanna, 
Quasar developing a compact and stocky body style. She is muscular with a deep chest with good width. Strong thigh development. She is a tough little girl with an impish personality, and yet likes to cuddle. Her demeanor is always happy and curious or tough, focused, and businesslike. 
She has seemed to know her name from day two. As you know I have my three other personal dogs and the litter on the premises so I am sure Quasar has had much more competition and socialization issues than any of the rest of the Q litter. She has never faltered. At first she would wrestle her yard mates 3 or 4 at a time with the brown female being her arch nemesis and playmate [ the only pup that would stand alone against her from the start ]. That has changed somewhat as the males have been a little larger than her for awhile. Now the wrestling is more often one to one. I tell you, her "cousins" have a healthy respect for her. From the start I could call her, by name, from the bottom of a wrestling pile. One "Quasar" and she sheds them like water and comes running, with short alert barks all the way. I have never done any formal training on "come", or food baiting yet to this date. 

When she was only 3 months I was doing expansion work in my kennel building, framing in a new dog door. Quasar, who has bonded to me tightly and is usually close by, was sleeping about 2 feet from me as I prepared to shoot some sinkers with my nail gun. I glanced over to her and blasted four nails home, indoors with a report about the same as a .38 pistol. Reaction? One eye opened to see what I was doing, then back to snoozing. More nailing, no more visible movement from the monster. 

Another incident involves the haulers coming to pick up the construction refuse dumpster I was filling just outside the gate accessing the backyard, and the dogs. The litter, 8 strong, and Quasar lined the gate and watched as the guy hooked up the cables. Then he lifts it with massive grinding and hydraulic noises, 12 feet in the air and shakes it, splitting lumber and dry wall crushing as he emptied it. My litter at this point took a few steps back for expedience. Quasar stood solid next to me at the gate, nonpulsed and deferring to my judgement of danger. 

Another thing of interest. From the middle of her first week here, Quasar has taken it upon herself to discipline any of my dogs, from Magnus on down, to whom I raise my voice, say for example jumping on me after being told once. She will get right in their face and bark angrily at them, instructing them to pay attention to their commands. And she has a really annoying, squeaky bark [ can't wait for her voice to change ].She even will give them a skin twist at times! Quasar has a definite sense of fairness and any dog that seems to cross that is called to task in this same manner. However, she plays happily and joyfully when everyone is nice. My midget enforcer. 

Crazy for the bite rag. Loves it loves it loves it. Natural retrieve. Sharp mind. Looks me in the eye for information. I can't wait to start into an organized training routine as the litter moves to new homes. I have great expectations for her and I feel them reality based. 

She is a healthy, happy, young girl. She associates herself totally with my big dogs as a social unit and always has, as if she knows who are home dogs. I am enjoying her tremendously. 
Attached are some photos from a month ago. I will send more recent shots continually over the next year. 
Best Regards, 
Greg Smith (Breeder)

Below: Excerpt from email from Greg sent when Quasar 6 months:
She is like a snapping turtle. She goes deep and clamps down. I have not used any release or aus command so I know the tenacity of her is very good. She is calm on the tug, generally quiet but you can not get it out of her mouth. Her prey drive is very high and the mere sight of the pull rag she will spring over anything in her way...usually dogs.. to secure her bite. Very fast entry. There is usually no need for a rebite, unless she was bumped out to a near miss. No worries here for me. 


Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 8:27 PM
Subject: 13 week photos
"Qaila is doing really good and learning very fast. Even things I wasn't intending to start yet, she just surprises me. She is amazingly calm in the house, but at the first sign of play she is full throttle. We are very happy with her. "
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 7:17 PM
Subject: Re:  Qaila  (5mo)
Hi Deanna.  Qaila is now 23 inches at the shoulders and I will stop in the vet tomorrow and weigh her.   There are two other female Dobes at our club that are 1 month younger then her that she plays with. The two other pups are only biting burlap on a flirt pole, where Qaila is on bite developers. Full calm grips every time. 
She is all wheel drive and barking her head off for her reward. I was in kennel area with her running around without a collar on. She stole my bite suit off the rack. It's a Demanet semi training suit. Full grip, didn't want a trade. There are so many ways to remove her from it, but a little tricky not wanting to affect her grips in any way. Again, no collar to choke her off. In the end it was a little game, then I got it.
Her recall, I don't think she touches the ground more then twice on a 20 foot lead.   Misjudges the sit front sometimes, but shes learning. 
She is a little firecracker. With a ball or tug under my arm, she compitition heels with no vebal command. She only knows fuss as sit next to me and look at my face as of now. 
All is well otherwise. I hope all is well with you too.
Ross (helper)

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From: "michael blake"
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Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 9:52 AM
 good morning Deanna, i was talking with the son in law of the man from carolina who bought a bitch from you.  he loves the dog. he told my friend that it is the best dobie he has ever had. also we'll be 
counting noses thursday and i'll let you know how many pups kali will have. best wishes mike. 
oh yes , i have been contacted by the miami-dade police about getting a puppy.
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Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 11:30 PM
Subject: Re: Blitzkrieger Doberman
dear mary, i picked deanna's dog because it was a great breeding match up to my male who is a son of gero v. weyermuhler.
she is a granddaughter. its all in the genes. 
she is the best doberman i have ever had. she is strictly for personal protection. she is Gingerv. blitzkreiger. her call name is kali after the german goddess of  discord. she is now 28 months old. she was 
and is highly active. i have large fenced yard and we go for daily walks and training at least once a week. people who hae seen her in action (bite work) want to buy her. i have been offered some 
serious cash ($8,000.00) for her. she is lovable and i have gone out of my way to socialize her with lots of people. 
a trainer from germany who trains gsd saw her and asked me about her since he rarely saw such drive in dogs. i am exceptionally
happy with my dog and i would do business with deanna again. 
if you have a specific question please feel free to ask.
mike blake

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Date: November 2, 1999 6:18 PM
Gatlyn is a WILD WOMAN.  If she was/is the laid back puppy I don't think we could have handled the other one.  She fears nothing.   She leaps from the sofa to the chair (about 3 feet or more) without any hesitation. 
She KNOWS sit, platz and here, is learning giblaut and has started tracking.
We cropped her ears on Oct 30, she is doing okay with that, and she weighs about 18 pounds.  She is a chicken neck fiend, although she is not crazy about the veggies.  She is positively angelic when she is 
sleepy.   Talk to you soon. 
Lera, Triple D Doberman Kennel, Texas

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Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 9:20 PM
Subject: Ike
 Hi Deanna,
      Well it's been just over a week now and I got to tell you Ike is every thing I hoped he'd be and more.
 We just LOVE him - he reminds me of a male I had about 15 years ago. He sure was worth the wait. 
      Thanks for your committment to breeding high quality Dobermans like Ike. He's really a great dog.
                        Take care! Chris

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Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 6:38 PM
Subject: Nikaupdate
 Hello Deanna, 
 Nika is doing great ! 
 She is growing fast and her ears are looking good, as you will see in the attached photos.> 
 Nika is showing great confidence and is so inquisitive with each new adventure.
 We were attaching a sub floor in our house, using an extremely loud nail gun, I brought her in to see her reaction, she showed 
no fear, and in  fact, she ran right up to the person nailing the floor as he's nailing it, and barked at him. I was very impressed.
 To date, she has the strongest food drive of any dog I've ever owned,  even after shes eaten.
 Thanks,  Gordon and Lydia

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To: Deanna Anslow
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 10:36 AM
Subject: Nika update !
Dear Deanna,
I hope you this message finds you well !    I can't express how happy we are with Nika.
Official obedience training started 3 weeks ago.
She is very calm and serious with excellent concentration for a puppy.  These attributes make for easy training.
She is so attentive while heeling and her auto sits, downs and sits from downs are turbo charged.  Lots of fun !
Within the next few weeks I will send some pictures ! Thanks for everything.
Gordon & Lydia


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From: "Kathleen & Leandro"
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Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:24 AM 
Subject: Re: Phanta
Hi Deanna,
Phanta is doing great! She is wonderful, has a lot of energy but is calm at the time and loves people!
I don't have pics yet but soon I take some to send to you. 
Best wishes,  Kathleen
Phanomen Kennel, Brazil


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To: Deanna Anslow 
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2003 10:21 AM
Subject: Kalina
Hello Deanna 
Just wanted to tell you that Kalina is doing great.
She is living with my daughter Hilde (38 yers) and my grandson Andreas (8 year). Hilde has experiens with dobermann, and
she`s going to train and and take tests with Kalina. My daugther does not have pc so i`ll be the one to inform you about Kalina`s 
well beeing.

We took Kalina with us to WM in the Netherlands, and she became "quite" famous among everybody. They all wanted to take pictures and vhs her,  and she was allmost just as popular as the world champion.
The owners of Bronco also took pictures of
her  and  breeders from Germany and Finland. They all thougth that she was an exellent puppy, and maybe they can see her in
World Championship in a few years...
Kalina has a very good self confidens and nothing scares her, she is very social by strangers.  This puppy you can be prowd of,
and we told all the people we talked to that she came from kennel Blitzkrieger in Canada.

We will soon send you some pictures of Kalina.
Best regards    Laila, Supreme Guardian Kennel, Norway

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From:  Marie    To: 'Deanna Anslow' 
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 2:41 PM
Subject: SV: Icaro & Seminar 
         "Hi Deanna,
Just want to send a few words to you about Icaro and his new life in Norway. 
The first thing he did when coming out of the crate on the airport was to grab a ball I gave him - like it was the most natural thing
to do  after hours of flying and arriving in completely new surroundings!!!
Icaro is a very, very confident and happy dog with a lot of drive and energy.  But, at the same time,  very calm and focussed in his work.      He is "in love" with his ball, which he is carrying always,  even when drinking water!!!   He is a very loving dog to everyone and loves to  get petted.  He wants to be the boss around male dogs and I must watch him a bit because he is not afraid 
of anything. 
In bitework he is SUPER!!!  He has gone from the bitetube to a hard sleeve in just 3 sessions!!!  Icaro is very strong and serious in his   fight drive and his bite crushes the hard sleeve. 
His grip is always full, HARD and calm,  even under pressure.
Gilbert Coudron (Winner WUSV World Championships 1993 & Belgian SchH.Champion 2000) has done the helper work and says that all  these qualities Icaro has is from genetics and that it is very 
rare to see such a dobermann.   He says Icaro is a VERY good working dog !!
Thanks a lot for letting me buy him and thanks a lot for all the genuine interest and support you are showing. 
      All the best, 
from Icaro and Marie"

NOTE: Icaro vom Blitzkrieger sired the Y litter for Briska Kennel in Sweden.  His daughter Yennie is owned by Blitzkrieger Kennel.  She has ZTP V1A, High Protection (97) Schutzhund 1, High in Trial SchH2 (trials in Germany) & SchH3 scores of 99/90/96 & 99/84/96. 


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Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2007 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: PS Fw: got your message - tried to call you - Nero 1 year old
Hi Deanna,
Neropass his Caine Good Citizen test today. He work throught all the exercises and done them with ease, he made me so proud.
Talk to you soon william. Burmuda Working Dog Club



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