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The "I" Litter
(This litter bred using Frozen semen/Artificial insemination)
3 Pups born Sept.24, 2001

Ike,  Ice  &  Icaro 
(see Icaro progeny bottom of this page) 

                                                                   Bingo v.Ellendonk,D.V Lstg,SchH3,FH,Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                                    Amor v.d .Weyermuhle, SchH3,Hd1 
                                                                   Cona v.Niederkassel, SchH3, Hd1 
               Ilo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Ang.V1A, Hd1 
                                                                   Boris v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH,Ang(zva) Hd1 
                                  Gina v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Hd1, 
                                                                   Anouk v.d.Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH,Ang.(zva) Hd1 
    Baron vom Blitzkrieger, SchH2, OFA Good 
                                                                   Akim v.Vaciweba, SchH3,Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                                   Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                                                                   Alfa v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Hd1 
             Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH1, ZTP V1A, Hd1 (pointed) 
                                                                   Bastian v. Goldsmeilding, SchH3, Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                                   Dunja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva) Hd1
                                                                  Anja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH3, FH,Hd1
                                                                   Asko v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Hd1, 
                                Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva), Vice DV Lstsg, Hd1 
                                                                   Cora v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva, Hd1 
               Bronco v.d. Doberwache, SchH3, FH, IPO3, Hd1 
                                                                   Amor v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Hd1 
                                     Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle, IDC Lstsg, SchH3, FH, Hd1
                                                                   Gina v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Hd1 
     Faroh vom Blitzkrieger, OFA Excellent
                                                                   Asko v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Hd1 
                               Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3, FH,Ang.(zva) Vice DV Lstsg,Hd1 
                                                                   Cora v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3,Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                Allee vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1, OFA excellent 
                                                                   Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH,Ang.(zva) Hd1 
                              Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH1, ZTP V1A, Hd1 (pointed) 
                                                                  Dunja v.Worringer Bruch,SchH3,FH,Ang.(zva)Hd1
Blitzkrieger "I" Litter Birthday
September 24, 2001
The Sire: Baron vom Blitzkrieger has balanced drives, superior nerve fiber and tracking ability..  He earned his SchH1 in the USA pronounced in bitework.  In Australia he was twice High In Trial (the only dobermann entered), V rating in protection and 100 points in tracking..  Baron has exceptional substance, bone and conformation.  He is OFA good, full dentition. As a Stud dog, Baron has been used many times, in Australia, to improve working ability. See: Von Forell Kennel ,  Von Hellas Kennel  & Von Roth Kennel.
The Dam: Faroh vom Blitzkrieger  shows extraordinary confidence and fighting drive in schutzhund, suit and muzzle work. From the day she was born, she personified the German term "geltunstrieb" which refers to a dog that refuses to "lose face" under any circumstance.  Faroh has excellent substance and conformation.  She is OFA excellent, full dentition, vWD clear.
Linebreeding:  Ellendonk (See Blitzkrieger Breeding Program History)
Faroh with "I" litter
almost 3 wks. old
 2 black males, 1 black female (middle)
    Approaching 3 wk. Birthday
FINALLY resting! 5 wk old 
female left "ICE", 
males:"ICARO" & (right) "IKE"
( 2 hours & 2 rolls of film!!!   Thank you Betty for your endless patience!!!)
    Female (Ice) 

Male (Icaro)
Male (Ike)



Above:  ICARO at 1 year of age
Icaro is a hard, dominant male with serious fight & prey drive, very good nerve fiber and outstanding bone and substance. Gilbert Coudron (winner of WUSV and trainer of Icaro in bitework) describes Icaro as 
"Very hard and dominant, Grip always full and hard." 
Icaro has full dentition, vWD carrier, Hips Hd-b (normal) and has passed Bh, working/breeding tests in Sweden. Mh. Gk korning mental 188 p (Passed Swedish Koerung 188/200 points)
Icaro is Sire to Blitzkrieger "M" Litter
Icaro is Sire to Kennel Briska's  (Sweden) "Y" Litter  (See YENNIE'S WEBPAGE & scroll down for more info) 
Icaro is Sire to other litters in Sweden including Grim-Keeper Kennel "B" Litter
In Sweden, also spelled Icaro vom Blitzkriger
Icaro at 2.5 mo
 4 mo. 
 10 mo.
 3 years
Below: Icaro first meets helper at 4 mo. of age
More photos of Icaro bettom of page


IKE -- PSA training


ICE (above and middle) 11 months of age

Ice @ 4 mo (right)

A day in the life of
ICE the Cattle Dog
Early morning - time to leave
Ice on cattle drive
Rounding them up
Lunch -Sitting on a cowboy 
Finally - Resting time


 Icaro has been exported to Europe (Norway,Belgium & Sweden) 
From genetics, Icaro was always very focussed in tracking, sure under gunfire and motivated in obedience. 
In bitework I only worked Icaro at 4 months.  That helper went from rag to tug and klatter stick in 2 sessions.  Icaro loved this but this helper put much challenge in his "prey" work, which triggered Icaro to want to bite the helper more than the equipment (photos right).   I stopped because I did not consider this a good foundation for schutzhund. When I found our schutzhund club without a helper, I made the very difficult decision to sell Icaro.
Email from Icaro's new owner (March 2003)
"Hi Deanna,
Just want to send a few words to you about Icaro and his new life in Norway. 
The first thing he did when coming out of the crate on the airport was to grab a ball I gave him - like it was the most natural thing to do after hours of flying and arriving in completely new surroundings!!!
Icaro is a very, very confident and happy dog with a lot of drive and energy.  But, at the same time,  very calm and focussed in his work.  He is "in love" with his ball, which he is carrying always,  even when drinking water!!!   He is a very loving dog to everyone and loves to get petted.  He wants to be the boss around male dogs and I must watch him a bit because he is not afraid of anything.
In bitework he is SUPER!!!  He has gone from the bitetube to a hard sleeve in just 3 sessions!!!  Icaro is very strong and serious in his fight drive and his bite crushes the hard sleeve.   His grip is always full, HARD and calm,  even under pressure. 
Gilbert Coudron (Winner WUSV World Championships 1993 & Belgian SchH.Champion 2000) has done the helper work and says that all these qualities Icaro has is from genetics and that it is VERY rare to see such a dobermann.   He says Icaro is a VERY good working dog !! 
Thanks a lot for letting me buy him and thanks a lot for all the genuine interest and support you are showing. 
All the best,
from Icaro and Marie"
Above: Icaro with Marie
Above & Right: Icaro training in Belgium 
with Gilbert Coudron (not shown)

  ICARO - 3 YR.

Icaro v.Blitzkrieger daughters
 Kennel Briska's (Working kennel Sweden) "Y" Litter

  Briska's YENNIEClick here to Yennie's page

Icaro's daughter:  Briska's Yennie SchH3
Yennie - ZTP V-1A
Briska's Yennie IPO2,
Melle, Germany
High in Trial-  IPO2,
 IPO 1 =  97/78/97

Briska's YRA

Von Chien Loup working Kennel, Australia
 comments regarding Briska's Yra:Yra is a dobermann to the extreme with phenomenon drives and social aggression. 
 She is very clear headed with a solid temperament. Yra is very confident and sure of herself. 
She shows extreme focus in her bitework. She has a crushing bite with extreme fight drive. 
Yra is a very substantial bitch with excellent confirmation and is the type of dog who wants to work
all day everyday. Yra’s hip scores are HD-A1.                                   (PHOTO LEFT-  YRA AT 1YR)
 German Trainer/helper, Bernhard Flinks comments after working Yra: 
"I have seen 3 really good dobermann in my life and Yra is one of them. 
She has a perfect bite and when not biting, she hates me. 
This is perfect prey and aggression combination............." 
See video link Youtube

Briska's YAGO, YREX & YLIX

Briska's Ylix (3 mo)

Briska's Yago (2.5 mo)
In Feb/05 Briskas Yago/Tina Adolfsson was on schutzhund weekend with 19 GSD's.  Staffan Nilsson & Stefan Ryder praised Yago for good bite work, high drives and social manners.    Good luck in the future training Tina! 

Briska's Yrex

for Icaro's Blitzkrieger Kennel progeny, click below
Blitzkrieger "M" Litter


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