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Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health
Doberman from Germany's finest Working (Police/Schutzhund) Lines
The C & E Litters v.Blitzkrieger

(at 13months)
(Sire to "C" & "E" Litters)
                                    Bingo v. Ellendonk, DV.Lstsg.SchH3,IPO3,FH,Ang(zva)Hd1
                    Ilo v.d. Kirchbuhl, SchH3, FH,Ang(zva)Hd1
                                          Cora v.d.Kirchbuhl (out of Falk v.Rotbachtal & sister to DVLstsg,Flax v.d.Kirchbuhl)
    Jordan v. Holtzbergerhof, IPO3
                                             Nicolai v. Klosterkamp,Blg.Lstsg,SchH3,IPO3,FH,Ang(zva)Hd1(out of Bingo v.Ellendonk)
                  Hitte v. Holtzbergerhof
                                    Ferice v.Nymphenburg (sister to Feus)
TITAN v.d.Kusthoeve
                                   Bingo v. Ellendonk, DV.Lstsg.SchH3,IPO3,FH,Ang(zva)Hd1
                 Bonnie v. Nettetal, DV.Lstsg, SchH3,IPO3,Ang. Hd1
                                            Anuk v. Nettetal, DV.Lstsg,  SchH3,FH,Ang.(zva), Hd1
  Magalice v. Holtzbergerhof, SchH2, IPO3
                                            Arco v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3IPO3,FH, Ang.(zva) Hd1(out of Bingo v. Ellendonk)
                  Kay v. Holtzbergerhof, IPO3
                                          Iska v. Holtzbergerhof, (out of Ilo v.d.Kirchbuhl) 
Titan was imported to Texas, USA when his Breeder, Marc DePayet Dear, moved there (temporarily) from Belgium.  Marc told me that Titan was the largest pup in the litter and showed very good character.  When I brought Allee to Texas, I was able to visit with Titan.  He was  28"+ tall at that time.  His pedigree  includes 1987 D.V. Lstsg. (winner of D.V. Meisterschaft) Bonnie v.Nettetal. Bonnies'dam, Anuk v. Nettetal, was D.V. Lstsg. in 1985 and his sire, Bingo v.Ellendonk, was D.V.Lstsg. in 1977.  Bingos' dam, Palma v. Ellendonk, was D.V.Lstsg. in 1975.
Linebreeding: Ellendonk & Falk Rotbachtal.  See: Blitzkrieger Breeding Program/History

TITAN v.d.Kustoeve at 13 months of age.
Titan's littermate, Tall (photos below) was imported to Germany.  Tall is SchH3 and has been used as stud dog by the Jotenheim Kennel / Denmark & the Burgstatte Kennel / Germany.
Titan & Allee
Tall v.d.Kustoeve, SchH3(photo13mo) Tall working in Germany
Photos of Titan taken by me.   Photos of Tall courtesy of his Breeder, Marc DePayet Dear


Bonnie v. Nettetal,
DVLstsg.1986&1987 & dam,  Anuk
v.Nettetal, DVLstsg 1985  Ilo v.d. Kirchbuhl,SchH3, Ang.(zva)

 ALLEE vom Blitzkrieger & TITAN
The "C" Litter vom Blitzkrieger 
4 Males, 2 Females Born April 27,1997
CONAN v.Blitzkrieger, CGC, Thyroid-Normal, Vwd Clear,OFA Good     Owner:K.Porter
Conan has sired some very nice progeny
vom Kathedrale Working Dogs
Caos vom Blitzkrieger (left)
Caos' career in Ringsport ended early due to attack from an older dog which left Caos with a cracked jaw & broken  teeth.  Caos died at 12 years of age due to Gastric Torsion.  See more about Caos in Blitzkrieger Pets

Caizer vom Blitzkrieger (above at 9 mo)
The 2 Females:
Caiko @9mo.Left & middle)
Czarina 3.5mo.
No photos available of  Cody

BELA vom Blitzkrieger & TITAN
The "E" Litter vom Blitzkrieger
Bred in Texas, USA, - 3 Males Born Dec.4, 1996

Eick vom Blitzkrieger, Can. CD,AKC.CDX,SCH III,Can.TT,CGC, UDC VC.

EICK, H.I.T.SchH1 
V protection score 
Seagoville Working Dog Club,Nov 11/01
 above photo courtesy Tairi Holt 
 H.I.T. SchH2,USA Regionals
Eick is OFA Fair, vWD clear,28+"
full dentition, 94 lbs
Above: Eick at 2 yrs. of age 
Eick died of cancer, at age 10.25 yr. 
Eick sired some litters in the USA 
& Blitzkrieger Kennel has frozen semen

Eick at 3 months
Eick @3 mo
Eick at 5.5  months of age
Eick at 2 years of age

Below: Eick SchH2 Champion at USA Regionals (Outstanding Courage Test)

Below: Eick SchH3 - VC at the UDC (United Dobermann Club) Nationals

All photos of Eick given to me by his owner, Phyllis McNaughton

EICKO at 4 months
ENZO, SchH 1( 9 Mo)
Enzo, Eiko & Eick at 10 weeks/Texas


Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

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