Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health

Dobermann from the finest German Working (Schutzhund/Police) Lines.


These studs embody the legacy that Blitzkrieger Kennel has based it's breeding program on - COMBINATIONS of WORKING EXCELLENCE.  Generations of LITTERMATES that passed the Koerung with highest rating for working drives & successfully competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft (National schutzhund championships) and often in police & show arenas.

(& littermates: Biene, Branka, Brista, etc..)

Photos courtesy Hannele & Achim Mueller 
                                         Bingo v. Ellendonk, D.V. Lstsg, SchH 3, FH, Ang. (zva) HD1 
                     Asko v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, HD 1 
                                         Cona v. Neiderkassel, SchH 3, HD1 
  Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH 3, FH,  Ang. (zva) 2X Vice D.V. Lstsg, HD1 
                                         Ali v. Langenhorst, SchH 3, Ang.(zva), Bdsg, Euro Sg, HD2 
                    Cora v. Mooreiche, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva), HD1 
                                        Brista v. Reuschenburg, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, HD1 
Bronco v.d. Doberwache, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH2, HD1 
                                       Bingo v. Ellendonk, D.V. Lstsg, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                     Amor v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, HD 1 
                                      Cona v. Neiderkassel, SchH 3, HD1 
       Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle, IDC Lstsg, SchH 3, FH2, HD1 
                                      Boris v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, Ang.(zva), HD1
                     Gina v.d Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, HD1
                                      Anouk v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva)HD 1 
Bronco v.d. Doberwache, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH2.  Sire to Blitzkrieger "F" (1999) & "H"  Litter (2000)
Bronco is a German police dog (*see "Achim" below)  who qualified for the IDC World Schutzhund Championships at 2 years of age with a score of 100/90/98.  Some other trials include:
1998 German Qualification trials for IDC World Championship (best protection dog 99 points)
1998 & 1999 competed in IDC World Championship.
1998 FH Tracking Championship Westfalen DV, 1st Place.
Bronco has always displayed natural talent and abilities and has proven himself a highly courageous, dominant, hard male in both sport (schutzhund) and civil (police) work.  His excellent working character is also displayed in a gentle, kind attitude towards children.  Bronco received V rating in conformation and is a Finnish (show) Champion!
Health:  Bronco tested clear for heart & eye problems and clear for vWD (tested by me with Vetgen)and has Full Dentition
Bronco was born on May 23, 1995. He died on October 18, 2005 (10.5 years of age)
Bronco's dam, Kleo died a few months before her 13th birthday.
Kleo's dam (Gina, pictured below) died at 8.5 yrs. of age (cancer).
Kleo's sire (Amor,pictured below) lived to12 years of age.
Bronco's sire, Gero died at 12 years of age. 
Gero's dam (Cora v.d. Mooreiche) died at 11 years of age.

True to their lineage, Bronco's littermates, Brista & Branca(photos below) passed schutzhund and the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives. Biene (photo below) passed the Swedish Koerung.  Other littermates are employed as police dogs.(photo below).
Their dam, Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle is IDC World Schutzhund Champion and a police dog (shown below with Bronco).  Kleo is the ONLY dobermann who has worked in Police (German) ID work in the world.  Some of her Schutzhund accomplishments include:
1993 World Dobermann Cup (8th place)
1994 German Championships (6th place) D.V. Meisterschfaft  /  Again in 1995
1996 IDC World Championshps (1st place)
1997 IDC World Championships (4th place)
1997 FH Tracking Championship, Westfalen DV, (1st place)
1998 FH Tracking Championship, Westfalen DV, (3rd place)
You tube link - video Kleo at work: 
Kleo is sister to Ilo v.d. Weyermuhle, who is featured as sire of my"B" litter.
Their sire,Gero v.d. Mooreiche, SchH 3, Ang (zva) FH, IPO 3, & 2x Vice D.V. Lstsg (Twice 2nd place in National schutzhund championships) is featured as sire to my "A" litter.(Allee vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1, OFA excellent).  Gero passed the koerung twice with highest rating for hardness & working drives and  is also sire to MANY excellent working dobermann, including  the winner of the Police Dog trials, Germany AND the winner of the D.V.Meisterschaft, (National schutzhund championships) Germany.
Bronco bred, owned & trained by Hannele and Achim Mueller, Doberwache Kennel.(owners and trainers of Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle)

Linebreeding:  ELLENDONK (See Blitzkrieger Breeding Program)
NOTE OF INTEREST RE "SOLID GOLD GENETICS"   Kleo & Gero were bred a second time to produce the Doberwache "C" Litter.  The result was one male puppy named Chico.  Chico resided in Germany but has no Koerung or Schutzhund title.  Since Bronco v.d. Doberwache passed on at 10.5 years of age, Chico was repeatedly used as a stud by the most well known (successful) working dobermann Kennels in Germany, etc...
Chico's daughter, Esta v.d. Burgstatte, is brood bitch to the Von Schattenfell Kennel, Germany

Bronco's owners:  Hannele & Achim Mueller, Von Der Doberwache Kennel
Hannele has worked with dobermann for many years.  She was handler to Kleo in the above mentioned competitions, including 1994 D.V. Meisterschaft and the 1996  IDC World (SchH).Championships (first place).  Hannele worked with the German Police (Stukenbrock) with Kleo as ID dog.  Kleo's talents therein are well documented in numerous (International) cases where Kleo's "testimony" has identified bank robbery, murder suspects and the like..  Kleo is, in fact, the ONLY POLICE ID DOBERMANN IN THE WORLD and, as such, has made a major contibution towards proving the abilities of the working dobermann!   Hannele was also Bronco's handler in schutzhund events. .
Achim  has been helper/decoy for some of the best working (schutzhund & police) dogs in Germany (including dobermann such as:  Kleo and Gero v.d. Mooreiche prior to their performances in the 1994 D.V. Meisterschaft).  Achim was German Police dog handler for more than 20 years and has done helper/decoy work with many "greats" including Norbert Schmitz (Weyermuhle Kennel).  Since 1993 (until their move to Finland in 1999), Achim was Trainer for police dog handlers in the Police Dog School in Stukenbrock, Germany.  Both Achim and Hannele have handled Bronco in schutzhund competition.   *As Achim's own dog, Bronco was not officially police certified (and trainers are not "on the street" with their dogs) but Bronco has passed numerous, difficult protection/police dog tests with excellent results. (ie: 1998 "Night Club" test where only 50% of the dogs qualified and Bronco was rated at the top of those qualified).

Bronco & Achim Mueller 

Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle,  1st PLACE

Kleo & Hannele Mueller
Bronco's littermates: Finnish Police dogs: Bingo(L)Bastian(R) (photo courtesy: Hannele Mueller)

Bronco and Kleo at work
   Bingo and Bastian v.d. Doberwache
Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle
(photos courtesy Hannele Mueller)
Branca v.d. Doberwache
Drachenburg Kennel
Biene v.d. Doberwache
Kennel Briska's, Sweden
Brista v.d. Doberwache (10 mo.)
Burgstätte Kennel, Germany
Kleo v.d. Weyermule & Bronco v.d Doberwache

(photos courtesy H.Mueller)

Bronco after accident that ended his schutzhund career
("V" rated in Conformation   Photo @ 5 years of age) 

    Bronco @ 10 months of age
     (Photos courtesy: Hannele Mueller)
Kleo's dam, 
Gina v.d. Weyermuhle
(Photos courtesy: Hannele Mueller) 
Kleo's sire, 
Amor v.d. Weyermuhle
Kleo & Bronco & Me, in Finland
Feb. 1999 (Allee/Bronco breeding)
Bronco with Mannix v.d. Weyermuhle, PSP
Mannix was German Police Dog out of:
Gina v.d. Weyermuhle & Adux v. Merkurek, PSP
with Bronco & Allee
FINLAND    with Allee

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Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

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