Blitzkrieger Kennel, Reg'd
                Solid Gold genotype/phenotype for work & health
Dobermann from Germany's finest Working (Schutzhund/Police) Lines
The information on this page (below)  was completed by me (in 1991) because of my strong fascination to learn and analyze how various kennels succeeded in improving the working ability of the doberman and how my lines developed into the dobermann I breed today. 
It comes from personal records, numerous visits to Germany and various publications including stud books, koerung & trial records, videos, etc...  which I have been fortunate to have at my disposal.   The Blitzkrieger breeding program owes a debt of gratitude to those many exceptional kennels/breeders. 
I hope you find this information as interesting and informative as all those who I have shared it with prior to publication here. 
  Click on Herr Dobermann photo (right)  for Photos/History of  the Dobermann Breed origins 
The Legacy
Generations of combinations producing working excellence
The Blitzkrieger goal is to be a strong link in a chain 
forged through many decades of outstanding selection
This page is dedicated to those dobermann in past generations of my pedigrees 
&  how my lines were developed to the dobermann I breed today
It is my belief that the dobermann breed owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the ELLENDONK Kennel, Germany.
In the words of Ottmar Vogel (Zucht und Sport mit dem Dobermann), 
"Many good working dogs came out of the Ellendonk Kennel, that in the Nordrhein region corrected the tattered/battered working reputation of the breed.  The Ellendonk breeder (Mr. F. Sauermann) also produced beautiful Siegers..." (Nordrhein is home to German working Kennels such as: Weyermuhle, Klingenstadt, Merkureck, Domstadt, Worringer Bruch, etc..)   (See Mini translation of Ottmar Vogel's book at bottom of this page.)

The Ellendonk Kennel produced MANY outstanding working (and show/sieger) dobermann.  Their foundation bitch, Dixie v.Krakau (brown) won the D.V.Meisterschaft in 1964 and was dam to two D.V. Meisterschaft winner (Gerra & Imo v.Ellendonk)! 
Their most famous dobermann was BINGO v. ELLENDONK.  Bingo is credited with improving the character of the dobermann in Europe.  He won the D.V. Meisterschaft (1977) at 2 years of age and many other schutzhund trials (& the only dobermann to score 100/100/100 in schutzhund).  Of course he passed the koerung for life with highest ratings for hardness & working drives.
In the words of Ottmar Vogel: "Bingo, at the age of 2, had by 1977 already become D.V. Leistungssieger and has since than an unbroken succession where he has rarely been knocked out of anything less than second place.  This dog was titled SchH.3 over 30 times and always achieved victory through consistant work.  He was taken to numerous FCI European Master trials and constantly impressed everyone with his enormous fighting drive and his steady and strong nerves." 

Bingo v. Ellendonk is the son of Jago v. Beelen & Palma v. Ellendonk.
Jago (brown) won the Bundessieger title, Dutch Champion & D.V Sieger.  He also passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness and working drives.. 
Palma (black)won the D.V.Meisterschaft (1975) and passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives.  Palma is Dixie v. Krakau granddaughter.
Bingo was born in 1975.  He was the only male (black).  He had 2 brown sisters (Barka & Bora).

Ellendonk breeder, Mr. Sauermann with Dixi v.Krakau & Gerra v.Ellendonk

Click on above photo for  ELLENDONK KENNEL COMBINATIONS 

PALMA is daughter of Miko v. Furstenfeld & Iris v. Ellendonk

The Furstenfeld combinations of Bordo & Citta produced:
Miko - International Champion and sire to Palma.
Mascha - winner of the Budessiegerin title.
Mecki - Int.Ch & winner of the Bundessieger title.
Vello - show champion & 35 times SchH.3 and angekort  &
Verry - winner of the D.V. Meisterschaft (1970) !!!
Vilja - Bundessieger 1967 

IRIS v. Ellendonkwon the Bundessiegerin title and is sister to
IMMOwho won the D.V.Meisterschaft in 1976! 
Iris and Immo are the product of TWO D.V. Meisterschaft winners: 
DIXI v. KRAKAU (1964) &
FRED v.d. BLUSTENSTADT ORSOY (1961, 1962 & 1963!!!) 

                Bordo v. Furstenfeld
     M"&"V" litter v. Furstenfeld, (Verry, DVLstsg)
                Citta v. Furstenfeld, Bdsg.Int.Ch
Palma v. Ellendonk, SchH3, DVLstsg.Ang(zva)
                 Fred v.d. Blustenstadt Orsoy, SchH3, 3xDVLstsg.
      I" litter v. Ellendonk (Immo DVLstsg)
                 Dixi v. Krakau, SchH3, DVLstsg.

Above: Bingo v. Ellendonk's dam's pedigree. Bingo is 3rd generation grandson to Dixie and Fred

(DVLstsg = German National Schutzhund Champion)

Bingo v. Ellendonk, DV Lstsg. Ang.(zva), SchH3,IPO3,FH, Hd1
 The conformation photo of Bingo was given to me by Ed Radkie.


GERO v. Ellendonk sired SATAN & Sanko v. Ellendonk who both passed SchH. & the koerung.
Gero is brother to GERRA, winner of the D.V. Meisterchaft.
Gerra's daughter, Jessie v. Ellendonk is dam to Vestra v. Ellendonk. 
Vestra (blue) DV siegerin (German show champion) & dam to Ellendonk "Y" litter (Vestra&Satan).
Satan sired the Niederkassel B & C litters (noted above) & the ELLENDONK "Y" Litter, which produced 
YUKU v.Ellendonk,SchH1, Ang(zva)-passed the koerung (twice for life) with highest rating for hardness & working drives.
YUKO v.Ellendonk,SchH 3,Ang(zva)-passed the koerung (twice=for life) with highest rating for hardness & working drives.
YAGO v. Ellendonk,SchH3,Ang(zva)-passed the Koerung (twice=for life)with highest rating for hardness & working drives
Chart below is not full pedigree but, starting with Dixie & moving down, it shows direct line of each generation. Also see Palma (far above) 
& click here for list of ELLENDONK combinations
Dixi v.Krakau (DVLstsg) & Ellendonk foundation bitch - dam to:
"G, H, I & L" Litters v. Ellendonk (Iris, ImmoDVLstsg, Gero, GeraDVLstsg)

Iris, dam to Ellendonk "R & P" litters (Palma DVLstsg)
Gero sired Ellendonk "X, U, S" Litters (Xandra, Xyla(Bdsg),Satan, Sanko)
Gerra, dam to Ellendonk "J, K, N, Q, T" Litters(Jessie, Jennie)

Palma, dam to "X, Z, A, B" Litters v.Ellendonk (Bingo DVLstsg)
Xandra,  foundation bitch, Kirchbuhl Kennel & dam to Flax (DVLstsg)
Jessie, dam to Ellendonk "M, V, O" Litters (Vestra, Blue DV Sg)
Sanko sired Ellendonk "Z & A" Litters
Satan sired "B & C" Litter Niederkassel
Satan & Vestra (blue DV Sg) produced Ellendonk "Y" Litter 

Yago v. Ellendonk, 
YAGO sired many excellent progeny, including the "B"Litter v.Orakel (1977)with Zastra v.Ellendonk,Ang.(zva), The"E" Litter v.Bayern (1978),  The "G" Litter v. Killmannshof (1979)
Belle & Black v. Orakel both passed the Koerung with highest rating hardness & drives.     Belle v. Orakel is dam to the "D" litter v. d. Weyermuhle.

Yago also sired the "A" Litter Vaciweba, which produced:
Aick v. Vaciweba, SchH3, who v'd in protection many times (98 in the 1982 Nordrhein Prufung). 
Akim v. Vaciweba,SchH3. who passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness &  working drives. 
Akim sired many outstanding working litters including "B" Litter v.d Weyermuhle.

Akim v. Vaciweba, SchH3,Ang
SATAN v. ELLENDONK sired the B & C litter Niederkassel.
Satan & Sanko both passed the koerung and are sons of GERO v. ELLENDONK
Gero is brother to GERRA who won the D.V. Meisterschaft in1966. 
Both Gero & Gerra are out of Dixi v. Krakau who won the D.V.Meisterschaft in 1964

The Niederkassel B&C combination (Satan v. Ellendonk & Blank v.d.Au) produced:
Bryan-passed the koerung, highest rating for hardness & working drives & SchH.3 many times (scored 99/97/99 in 1982)
Bento-passed the koerung at 2 years of age with highest rating for hardness & working drives.
Bessie-passed the koerung at 2 yr.of age with highest rating for hardness & working drives & SchH.3 many times (Some scores= 95/92/96- 95/87/99- 98/98/100) (photo below)
Biene-dam to Ali v. Langenhorst, SchH3, Ang.(zva) Int.D.Ch Bdsg DVsg Euro & VDH Sg. (Ali also passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives.) (photo below)
Cona-SchH.3 foundation bitch to 2 Kennels:  Weyermuhle & Klingenstadt. Both Kennels bred Cona to Bingo v. Ellendonk  to produce the "A Litter" Weyermuhle (below)and the "A&C Litter" Klingenstadt.  Cona lived to reach14.5 years (photos below)

Bessie v.d. Niederkassel, Ang,
Bessie working, SchH3,
Ali v. Langenhorst, SchH3, Ang.(zva)  Int.D.Ch,Bdsg, D.V.Euro & VDH Sg
Photos of Bessie courtesy of Intercept Detection Canines, Australia
The "A" Litter Weyermuhle (Bingo/Cona)
(photos courtesy Hannele Mueller)
CONA v. Niederkassel, SchH3
Cona with the "A" Litter Weyermuhle
The "A" litter WEYERMUHLE  (BINGO v. Ellendonk & CONA v. Niederkassel) born 1982,produced:

Arco - passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives & competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft
Anauk(photo below)- passed the koerung & competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft (4th place in 1987 with 93/96/97) Anouk scored 100/99/95 in 1987 Nordrhein Prufung and 100/97/95 in the 1986 Prufung. 
Anouk is dam to Gina and Gero v.d. Weyermuhle,SchH.3,FH,Ang.(zva) (Sire to Blitzkrieger "D" Litter). Gero passed the koerung twice (for life) with highest rating for hardness & working drives.  (Gina is dam to Kleo & Ilo v.d. Weyermuhle mentioned below).
Alfa - SchH3 and FH and dam to Boris & Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle who both passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives and SchH3. trials.  (Bingo is sire to Blitzkrieger foundation bitch, Chauka vom Warringhof)
Asko(photo below) - SchH3 and sire to Gero v.d. Mooreiche who passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives, twice came 2nd in the D.V.Meisterschaft AND sired many excellent progeny including the winner of the German Police dog trials, the winner of the D.V Meisterschaft, theBlitzkrieger "A" litter, the B&C litter Doberwache.   Brista & Branca v.d. Doberwache passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives,  Biene passed the Swedish Koerung.  Brista competed in the D.V.Meisterschaft  & Broncois German Police dog who v'd many times in SchH. and conformation. (Bronco is sire to the Blitzkrieger "F"litter & "H" litter).

Amor (brown)(photo below)- SchH.3 FH and sire to:
Ilowho passed the koerung with 1A, SchH3, FH and is sire to the Blitzkrieger "B" litter.
Kleowho won the 1996 IDC World SchH.Championship & is SchH.3 FH and German police ID dog (& is dam to B&C litter Doberwache)
Adux v. Merkureck,PSP (German police dog and sire to police dog Mannix v.d. Weyermuhle)
Andy & Anouk v. Merkureck who competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft

Note of interest:  For their "A" litter, the Weyermuhle Kennel leased Cona v. Niederkassel from the Klingenstadt Kennel.
Cona produced two litters with Bingo v.Ellendonk for the Klingenstadt Kennel. The "A" (1979) and "C" (1984) litter v. Klingenstadt.
From the "C" litter, Cleopatra v. Klingenstadt was later bred to Boris v.d. Weyermuhle (The "I, J & K" litter v. Klingenstadt).
From the "I" litter, Ijanko v. Klingenstadt (who was not titled) was bred to Hexe v.d. Mooreiche to produce the "B & E" Litter v. Strundertal.
From the "E" litter v. Strundertal, came Erik v. Strundertal, SchH3, FH,IPO3 & 2 times IDC World (Schutzhund Champion).
Erik issire to  the Blitzkrieger "K" Litter

For list of all Weyermuhle, Klingenstadt & Blitzkrieger combinations, click here

Amor v.d. Weyermuhle SchH3,FH
Test dog, 1989 Koerung
Anauk v.d. Weyermuhle 
SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva)
4th Place at 1987 D.V. Meisterschaft 
Asko v.d. Weyermuhle
Arco v.d Weyermuhle, SchH3
at 1986 D.V. Meisterschaft
Gina v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3
SchHSchH.3 trial, Germany, FH

The C litter Mooreiche (born 1986) combined a Bingo v. Ellendonkdaughter (Brista v. Reuschenburg,SchH.3,FH) with a Biene v. Niederkasselson (Ali v. Langenhorst, SchH3, Ang.(zva), Multi Ch.) and produced:
Cheska, SchH.3 FH - foundation bitch for the Merkureck Kennel and dam (with Amor v.d. Weyermuhle) to Andy, Anouk 
& Adux v. Merkureck, policedog  (see Amor v.d Weyermuhle info above)
Cora,SchH3,FH,Ang.(zva) passed the koerung for life, competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft and was brood bitch to the Mooreiche Kennel.  Cora (with Asko v.d Weyermuhle) produced Gero v.d. Mooreiche, 2x vice DV Lstsg. Ang.(zva) FH (see Asko)
Chiela, SchH3, Ang.(zva) passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives and competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft.
Castor, SchH3, Ang.(zva) passed the koerung for life, competed in the D.V Meisterschaft AND won many show/Sieger titles.  Some SchH.3 scores were 99/87/99 & 100/97/100,

ELLENDONK bitches: L to R
Bingo v. Ellendonk at home (top R, bottom L)
photo courtesy Ed Radkie

The "B" litter Weyermuhle (Alfa vd. Weyermuhle & Akim v. Vaciweba) produced:
Boris,SchH.3,FH passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives and v'd in SchH.3 many times. 
Boris is sire to Gina & Gero v.d. Weyermuhle (above mentioned)

Bingo,SchH3,FH passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives (photos below).
Bingo is sire to the A,B & C litter Warringhof.

Boris v.d. Weyermuhle
SchH3,FH, Ang.(zva)
Bingo v.d.Weyermuhle
SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva)
Bingo 1989 Koerung
Bingo - courage test
ZVA for life
Bingo - courage test

The Worringer Bruch "D" Litter (Bastian v. Goldschmelding & Anja Worringer Bruch)(born 1985) was linebred on the
B Litter NIEDERKASSEL & Bingo v. ELLENDONK!!!   It produced:
Dunja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH3, FH, Ang(zva) 
Diva v. Worringer Bruch, SchH3, FH, Ang.11A
Both passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives.  Dunja did this twice (for life) and competed in the D.V.Meisterschaft.   Dunja became the foundation bitch for the Warringhof Kennel.
Dino competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft & his SchH.3 scores included 99/96/98. 
Gringo (same combination) was highest scoring protection dog in the 1992 D.V. Meisterschaft with score of 98 (and 97 in the 1993 Meisterschaft). 
                   Bingo v. Ellendonk, SchH3,DVLstsg.Ang(zva)
            Bastian v. Goldschmielding, SchH3, Ang.(ZVA)
                           Assi v. Langenhorst, SchH3, FH (SISTER TO Ali v.Langenhorst)  (out of BIENE NIEDERKASSEL)
"D" Litter Worringer Bruch
                  Nicolai v. Klosterkamp,SchH3,FH,Ang,BlgLstsg. (out of BINGO ELLENDONK)
           Anja v.Worringer Bruch, SchH3, FH
                  Crusha v.d. Fliehburg,SchH2 (out of BESSIE NIEDERKASSEL)

The A,B & C litter Warringhof - My foundation bitch (Chauka) (Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle & Dunja v. Worringer Bruch)
This combination combined Worringer Bruch linebreeding on Bingo v. Ellendonk & B Litter Niederkassel with the Weyermuhle linebreeding on Bingo v. Ellendonk and Cona v. Niederkassel.
It was repeated 3 times for it's excellence.  BOTH sire and dam passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness &  working drives and some progeny did the same PLUS V'd in conformation:
Alfa, SchH.3 FH Ang.(zva) - passed the koerung for life with highest rating for hardness & working drives + V 1A rating for conformation & competed in the D.V.Meisterschaft. (photos on Chauka v.Warringhof page)
Aisha,SchH.3 Ang.- passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives + V 1A rating for conformation.
Cobes,SchH3 Ang.(zva) - passed the koerung for life and won many show Championship titles.
Cocoa (Chauka) -SchH1, ZTP V1A was imported by me at 8 wks. of age.  She earned V rating plus highest rating for self assuredness, protection, courage & fighting drives with high hardness & middle sharpness in her ZTP under Ottmar Vogel. 
The koerung was cancelled that year but she V'd in her SchH.1 (100/96/90 pronounced) on a strange field, new handler/helper/language/country.

The same combination was made by the Worringer Bruch Kennel, "H" Litter (Boris v.d. Weyermuhle & Diva v. Worringer Bruch = littermates to Bingo & Dunja), It produced:
Hera & Hankowho passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives and V1A (conformation) rating.

Falk v. Rotbachtal, SchH 3, Ang.passed the koerung with highest rating for hardness & working drives.  His excellent character & exceptional hardness made him top German stud dog in 1974 & 1975 (prior to Bingo v. Ellendonk).  He sired many koerung & D.V.  Meisterschaft winners (many of these were Ellendonk combinations).  His grandfather (and Bingo v. Ellendonk's great grandfather) was Fred Blutestadt Orsoy (winner of the D.V.  Meisterschaft 1961, 1962 & 1963 (see below)
Fred sired (with Ellendonk foundation bitch, Dixi v. Krakau) IRIS & IMMO v. Ellendonk.
Dixi v. Krakau (1964) AND Immo v. Ellendonk (1976) each won the D.V. Meisterschaft

The ELLENDONK combination of GERO (brother to GERRA, DV Meisterschaft winner) bred to PALMA (DV Meisterschaft winner) produced:
XYLA (World show champion) who passed the koerung with highest rating for working drives & XANDRA v.Ellendonk.

XANDRA was bred to FALK v. ROTBACHTAL to produce
ESTA,SchH3,FH,Ang.passed the koerung (KK1) & dam to Bianca & Barbel v.Haus Ehrlich
Barbel passed the koerung and competed in the Meisterschaft. 
Bianca competed in the DV Meisterschaft -3rd place in 1986
FLAX ,DV Lstsg,won the 1980 DV Meisterschaft with 100/95/94. (1982 Meisterschaft score 96/97/99)
CORA, SchH3, was dam to ILO  & MUSE v. KIRCHBUHL
ILO v. Kirchbuhl (Bingo v. Ellendonk son) passed the koerung with 1A for life, highest rating for drives. 
He was also a German show Champion. 
MUSE v. Kirchbuhl  passed the koerung and competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft.

Falk v.Rotbachtal,
SchH3, Ang.(zva)
Note on titles:
Ang.(or Angekort) = German koerung    Ang.(zva) = koerung for life (2 times)
SchH.1,2 or3 = Schutzhund trial at whatever level noted
FH& FH2= high level tracking test
DV Lstsg = Winner of the Dobermann Verein (Germany)  National Schutzhund Championship. 
See list (below) of D. V. Meisterschaft Winners
Photo Right: Carrying on a proud legacy: Blitzkrieger puppies (B litter) and me (Deanna Anslow) 
For list of Blitzkrieger Kennel combinations click HERE

Mini translation of Zucht und Sport mit dem Dobermann, by Ottmar Vogel
(Print date: 1986)(Translation date: 2002)
NOTE:  Ottmar Vogel is a DV, ADRK, SV Breed and Working Dog Judge, as well as a DV and ADRK Koer-Meister.
(pages 39 -43) 
Gina v. Furstenfeld" (black SchH.3) should be noted,  as her breeding to an average dog Lump v. Basterhof (black), the Bundessieger,  produced  "Argus v. Neroberg"(brown, Sch H 3), of the Kennel Von. Rauhfelsen, Breeder: Willi Rothfuss, Stuttgart. This dog was very strong and compact with a very well-balanced (ausgeglichenem) character.
He (Argus) was often bred and today we still find his traits in the Ellendonk line in the Nordrhein region {Home of:  Weyermuhle, Worringer Bruch, Klingenstadt, Merkureck, Domstadt Kennels}and partly in the Wurttemberg breeding region. .He brought stability to the line with respect to substance and  nerve.
The owner of the Kennel "von Ellendonk", (E. and) F. Sauermann, was fundamentally expert in character ( working temperament) development.   He had already registered considerable success with German Shepherds.  Their first bitch,"Dixi v. Krakau"(brown out of Dirk Goldberg SchH3 BDSG  & Elke St. Clemens) became D.V. Leistungssieger in 1964 in Bonn. {winner of the German National Schutzhund Trials/D.V. Meisterschaft}.     I, was at this trial  and can assert that despite her faults at that time, she left an outstanding  impression and would earn the Sieger title.    This medium-size bitch was accorded excellent with slight faults.   She is the foundation bitch of the Ellendonk Kennel and asserted her traits through  various dogs with respect to  temperament 

Out of the breeding  with the Leistungsruden "Astor v.d. SchmimmelSchulzHeide" SchH3 (much-titled with the DV Leistungsprufungen) came the Leistungssieger of 1966 {Winner of the D.V. Meisterschaft} Gerra v. Ellendonk and the Leistungsrude, Gero v. Ellendonk." (SchH3 brown).   Both dogs strengthened (or consolidated)  the Leistungsposition {working trial reputation}of this line and consistently were rated excellent. 
 "Gerra" was then bred with BDSG Arugus v. Neroberg SchH3.  Out of this important (noteworthy)  "J-litter" came some very beautiful and very good working dogs; such as: Jenny v.. Ellendonk (brown, SchH3, often V1 rated in conformation; the foundation bitch of the Kennel  v. d. Rauberhohle, Owner: Gero Muller of Goppingen. 
Out of the "i litter" the BDSG Iris v. Ellendonk (brown, SchH1) should be mentioned, as her breeding with Miko v. Furstenfeld (black SchH1) came the D.V. Leistungssieger {winner of the D.V.Meisterschaft} of  1975,  "Palma v. Ellendonk" (Black SchH. 3 )..  The D.V.  Leistungssieger {winner of the D.V.Meisterschaft} of  1971,  Immo v. Ellendonk (Brown, SchH3), was not used for breeding. 

Many good workingdogs came out of the Von Ellendonk Kennel, that in the Nordrhein region, corrected  the poor (literally: tattered or battered)  working reputation of the breed. 
The Sauermann's also produced some beautiful Siegers such as BDSG (show champion) Kora v. Ellendonk, SchH1 (Argus v. Neroburg.& Gerra v. Ellendonk)      BDSG(show champion) Iris v. Ellendonk,  DVSG (show champion) blue Vesta v. Ellendonk SchH1 (Chico v. Forell & Jessy v. Ellendonk),  the DV Jugendsieger (youth show champion), Ulfas v. Ellendonk brown SchH1, Angekort (Gero v. Elendonk & Afra v. Honenstauf.),  the World youth Sieger, Xyla v. Ellendonk SchH1,Angekort. 
Other noteworthy Leistungsdogs (working trial dogs) were also Satan & Sanko v. Ellendonk, both angekort, {passed the German Koerung} and also the daughter of Sanko & Palma v. Ellendonk = Afra v. Ellendonk (Black SchH3, FH, Angekort for life)   The owner of the Kennel: v. Burg Homeim-Stein, H. Schauer Pegnitz, also often titled at Sieger trials, Trux v. Ellendonk,, multi titleholder DV Siegerprufungen {winner of many shows}. 
The best then and now DV Leistungssieger is  Bingo v. Ellendonk (Sire: Jago v. Beelen SchH1 brown, Angekort, BDSG, Int.Ch. -  Dam: DV LSTG. Angekort - Palma v. Ellendonk )  This dog at the age, of two had by 1977 already become  D.V. Leistungssieger {winner of the D.V.Meisterschaft = National SchH.Championships) and has since then, an unbroken succession where he has rarely been knocked out of anything less than second place.  This dog was titled SchH. 3 over 30 times and always achieved victory through consistent work.
He was taken to numerous European Masters trials of FCI and  constantly  impressed  everyone with his enormous fighting drive and his steady and strong nerves. 
In terms of breeding this dog is very interesting. One can say that his temperament traits are found on two sides - in his ancestry and in what it produced ("BluLinienplan").
One is very happy that he has already left a strong working mark on his progeny and hope that he continues to be intelligently  bred.
As is often the case, this dog of course, also had faults that, with particular matings, could become more pronounced.
As a model this dog should be valued as he has already received a conformation rating of Excellent. 
In terms of his utility, one should keep in mind  his somewhat poor stand  to the fore and his back, which is not quite solid.
With his height of  68 cm, Bingo fits exactly into the medium size range.  It is of course, always difficult to maintain height.  Presently, we are unfortunately vacillating a little too much and we should try to stabilize the correct height for dogs at around 68 to 70 cm.  Too tall or too short will not meet our goal for building our working dog lines.
Bingo's first progeny were successes at the DV Siegerprufungen in 1980 and 1981. 
In 1980, the two year old "Hexe vom Wilden Markgraf" SchH 3, black,  ADPR, (Bingo v. Ellendonk,SchH 3 IPO 3, Ang.. FH & Bina v. Wilden Markgraf, SchH3 Ang.) earned twelfth place with 275 points (SG rating).and 
In 1981 Ilo v. Kirchbuhl. (black SchH.3 and son of Bingo Ellendonk and Cora v. Kirchbuhl) earned 276 points in the D.V. Siegerprufung  & also passed the Koerung), and also in 1981 the D.V. Leistungssiegerin {winner of 1981 & 1982 DV Meisterschaft} Cora v. Papenkamp SchH3 (Bingo v. Ellendonk & Afra v. Papenkamp).
Also interesting, is the fact that both dogs (Hexe and Cora) were similarly bred so that both have the Leistungsruden Falk v. Rotbachtal as a grandfather on their mother's side. Falk's Grandfather in turn, was the three-time Leistungssieger of 1961, 1962 & 1963 - Fred v.d. Blutenstadt Orsoi.   Here you can see with respect to their structure (formation) how such a line is built up (established). {illustrated in photos}
And now back to the Ellendonk Kennel.  After Gatin des Zuchters died, Mr. Sauermann also ended his active work with the dobermann. However, by  preserving, through more breedings, the valuable heritage of this Breeder, it is hoped to consolidate, strengthen and improve this foundation.

Winners of the D.V. Meisterschaft (German National Schutzhund Championships) 1960-1990
Closely related*or Progeny*of Bingo v. Ellendonk
1960..Hera v. Rehwalde
1961..Fred v.d. Blustenstadt Orsoy*(Bingo's3g.sire)
1962..Fred v.d. Blustenstadt Orsoy* "
1963..Fred v.d. Blustenstadt Orsoy* "
1964..Dixi v. Krakau*(Bingo's 3rd generation Dam)
1965...Astor v. Rehbusch
1966...Gerra v. Ellendonk*(Dixie K. daughter)
1967...Boris v.Hagenstolz*(same sire as Dixie K.)
1968...Boris v. Hagenstolz*    "
1969...NO trial
1970.Very v. Furstenfeld*(Littermate to Palma E's sire)
                                ( Brother to)
1971...Immo v. Ellendonk*(Palma E's dam)
1972...Attila v.Westfalenblut
1973...Cita v. Pfalzerwaldheim
1974...Edel v.d.Dietenberg
1975...Palma v. Ellendonk*(Bingo's dam)
1976...Jaro v. Stollburg
1977...Bingo v. Ellendonk *******
1978...Pero v. Frankenland
1979...Pero v. Frankenland
1980...Flax v. Kirchbuhl*
1981...Cora v. Papenkamp*
1982...Cora v. Papenkamp*
1983..Hektor v.WildenMarkgraf*
1984...Cora v. Papenkamp*
1985...Anuk v. Nettetal
1986...Bonnie v. Nettetal*
1987...Bonnie v. Nettetal*
1988...Biene v. Estetal* (g.daughter)
1989...Bino v. d. Westmark* (g.son)
1990...Bino v.d. Westmark*   "


Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

Proven Quality Working Litters since 1995

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