Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health

Dobermann from Germany's finest Working (Schutzhund/Police) Lines

The Blitzkrieger Scrapbook
This page contains several pictures, so please be patient while they download.
Enjoy your visit to the "other" side of the working doberman's personality!!!


Diving is also a competition sport  isn't it? B litter male 
Allee (4.9Mo.)
"Couch Monster"
Allee      Born to be bad!
Allee   See,  I did not eat the bird
Closer please!
 Blitzkrieger male & female 
 owner's scrapbook

Chauka with the "A" litter
Chauka with the "B" litter Allee with the "D" litter
B litter pup-
Not a care in the world
Who's that beautiful bitch?
Bo with newborn 
G litter
Up where I belong

Below:  Blitzkrieger "D" Litter    First day on the beach 6 weeks old

Dune, Dina, Dax,Donner
Dina & Dune
Dax:  caught in the act
Dax:   MY ball!!
Dax:  Where is 
MY dinner?
Dune:  MY rag!! Nero:  5Mo (Dax son)

Bronco"You want teeth? 
I'll show you teeth!"
Kleo v.d Weyermuhle & son 
Bronco v.d. Doberwache
Gringo....Boys will be boys

Allee with 2+ wk.old Faroh
Allee and Faroh
"Are you talking to ME?"
Allee and Faroh

Faroh 3 wks old & 
looking for trouble.
Chauka - Full dentition!!
Let us out!!  We're late for the convention!!

Faroh & Bren.  Swapping training tips?
Faroh & Hakim (6 mo)- More tips??
Icaro  "I know there's more cookies here"

Below: Blitzkrieger M Litter,  Icaro's daughter, Malinche at 6 weeks of age

Am I taller on a frog?

How tall can I get?

I think I'm tired of frogs

 N litter below at 5 weeks

Nureyev,Neeko & Nika
Nickola, Nickole, Nitro &Nureyev.
Nero & Nureyev
Making it roll
Nero & Nureyev
Nero sneaking up on Nickolai Nureyev, Nickolai& Neeko (inside)

"O" Litter

ORION sticking his tongue out at the cat
OCTAVIOUSwith new buddy
Onyx being swallowed by 
Zarina annaconda

Orion's daughter, Shaitan (7weeks of age) kissing Orion's son Quarro(7 months of age)

"P" LITTER ( Females @ 6 wk. birthday - with bottle of rocks)
Photo below  right: - Palma  running with bottle - "This is MINE!"

Zarina with the P litter

Mom, I have a secret
Any food under there?

Bren with H litter pups 
Allee 10.5years Cooling off
 Yennie -6 years
Yennie - cooling off


 Hello Baby!

Orion - after breeding with Zarina
Orion & Zarina
Where's my cigarette?

"Q" Litter - below @ 4 weeks of age

"Ahhhh  - Stop!!!!!
Cropping is next month!"
"Don't stick your tongue out at me!"
"I think someone is biting my tail!"....
  "But..... Wait.........   Do I have a tail?"
"Get off my back
This is MY beer!"
Qu(male)& Qaila(female)
Querido (male) on Quazar (female)
QueenScnuppe & Qaila-females (&brown male)


QUEEN SCHNUPPE(bottom row) - 3 months old


"S" litter Girls 7 weeks of age

Blue collar "taking a break from work"
Red collar kissing Quarro (her 1/2 brother)          Yellow collar -  upright dachshund?

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Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

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