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Doberman from Germany's finest Working (Police/Schutzhund) Lines

 The Blitzkrieger "J" Litter


                                                     Akim v. Vaciweba,,SchH3,,Ang.(zva) Hd1
                                 Boris  v.d.Weyermuhle, SchH3,FH, Ang.(zva)Hd1
                                                     Alfa v.d. Weyermuhle,, SchH3, FH, Hd1
                Gero v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva), Hd1
                                                     Bingo v. Ellendonk,DV Lstsg., SchH3, FH,Ang(zva) Hd1
                                 Anouk v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva) Hd1,
                                                     Cona v.d. Niederkassel, SchH3, Hd1
        Dax vom Blitzkrieger,  OFA Good
                                                    Asko v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Hd1
                             Gero v.d. Moorieche, 2xVice DV Lstsg., SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva) Hd1
                                                   Cora v.d. Mooreiche, SchH3, FH, Ang.(zva)Hd1
               Allee vom Blitzkrieger, SchH1, OFA Excellent
                                                    Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, Ang.(zva) Hd1
                              Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH1,ZTP V1A, Hd1
                                                   Dunja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH3, Ang.(zva)Hd1
                                                  Leander v. Nymphenburg, SchH 3, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                             Damien v. Steinbachtal, SchH3, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                                                  Britta v. Steinbachtal, SchH 1, HD2 
               Aaron v.d. Hageleite, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                                                   Erwin v. Haus Ehrlich, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                             Xanja v. Haus Ehrlich, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, HD2 
                                                   Bianka v.d. ScheppacherMuhle, SchH 1, HD1 
      Sheba vom Warringhof,OFA good
                                                  Ilo v. Kirchbuhl, SchH 3, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                             Alf v. Emstal, SchH 3, FH, HD1 
                                                  Muse v. Kirchbuhl, SchH 3, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                Janka vom Warringhof, SchH 3, HD1 
                                                  Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                             Alfa v. Warringhof, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                                                  Dunja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
Sire: Dax vom Blitzkrieger (click here)

Dam: Sheba vom Warringhof
Born Mar.20/00,  OFA good (DP10291G25F-PI), full dentition, vWD carrier (Vetgen).
At 8 weeks of age, I personally chose Sheba with her breeder (Martin Pabst /Warringhof Kennel).  She has high prey, medium/low hardness and showed high biddability in training.  Unfortunately her schutzhund career ended with our club.  Sheba comes from a repeat breeding and has many schutzhund titled brothers/sisters in Germany.  Her brother, Quenzo vom Warringhof (from the first combination with Janka and Aaron) was German Working Dog Championship 2001 and competed in the Deutsche Meisterschaft 2001.

Sheba's dam, Janka competed in the Meisterschaft.  She is out of Alf v. Emstal & Alfa vom Warringhof
Alf v.Emstal (shown right) is line bred on Falk v Rotbachtal & Xandra v. Ellendonk through Muse and Ilo Kirchbuhl & their dam, Cora v. Kirchbuhl.     Ilo (Bingo v. Ellendonk son) passed the koerung with highest rating 
for drives & v'd in shows. Muse competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft and passed the koerung.Alfa vom Warringhof (shown below with 8wk.old Janka)  passed the koerung with V1A & highest rating for working drives 
& competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft.  Alfa is sister to Blitzkrieger Kennel foundation bitch Chauka.

Alf v.Emstal,Sch3
Sheba's sire, Aaron (shown below) competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft & passed the Koerung (highest rating for working drives) as did his sire Damien v. Steinbachtal. Aaron is linebred on Bingo and key Ellendonk dogs PLUS (2X) Falk v. Rotbachtal & Xandra v. Ellendonk through Beatrix & Biance v. Haus Ehrlich. Bianca & Barbel v.Haus Ehrlich competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft. Barbel passed the koerung with highest rating for drives.  Their dam, Esta v. Kirchbuhl passed the koerung, FH & SchH 3. Esta is sister to Cora and Flax v. KirchbuhlFlax won the D.V. Meisterschaft in 1980.
Visit Aaron at the Von Utgard Kennel,Germany 

Linebreeding:  ELLENDONK plus (4X) Falk v. Rotbachtal/Xandra Ellendonk (See: Blitzkrieger Breeding Program/History
Sheba's pedigree includes: (4X) Falk v. Rotbachtal who was used extensively as a stud dog known for his exceptional hardness.    (2X) Nicholai v. Klosterkamp through Dunja v. Worringer Bruch and Erwin v. Haus Ehrlich.  Both Nicholai and Erwin competed in the D.V. Meisterschaft and passed the koerung with highest rating for drives.  Nicholai (Bingo v. Ellendonk son) won the Belgian Meisterschaft and twice came second in the D.V. Meisterschaft.


Sheba's sire (above) 
Photo courstesy Karin Chaffin

Sheba's Dam:Janka v.Warringhof,SchH3
Photo courtesy Martin Pabst

Janka with her dam:
Alfa v.Warringhof,Sch3,Ang.FH


Sheba whelped 10 black puppies on Dec.27, 2001
(aritificial insemination with Dax frozen semen).

Birthday, Decemeber 27, 2001

Above: The Sire: DAX
Female - Jelavitza Female-  Juma Female - Jackie Female - Jewel Female - Jazz
Female - Jetta Male - Jackson Male - Jackpot Male - Joker Male - Jax

 JUMAvom Blitzkrieger
Juma is owned, trained & loved by Juan Fernandez, Mexico

(Above) Juma at 4 months
(Above) Juma at 4 years

JP (Jackpot) vom Blitzkrieger
JP is owned, trained & loved by Lela Gallert,  He is vWD clear, full dentition

Big "Thank You" to
Willie Pope, Tri State Schutzhund Club,  for 
excellent helper work JP at 9 Months


JAZZ vom Blitzkrieger

Jazz is vWD clear, OFA fair (DP-11069F25F-PI), full dentition. She has good conformation, high prey drive with middle to high hardness.  Jazz has shown high motivation (& biddablity) in obedience, steady under gunfire and excellent ability in agility classes. 
She is dam to Blitzkrieger "M" litter.
Pregnant with "M" litter
Jazz (8 Months) with Allee 
(her grandmother - left)

JD (Jewel) vom Blitzkrieger
JD lives on a horse farm
photo below at 7years


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 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
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